Sunday 22 September 2019

New Cold Feet series starts shooting in February – and that dead character won't be ressurected

Cold Feet is to return for a new series (ITV/PA)
Cold Feet is to return for a new series (ITV/PA)

Patrick Foster

Cold Feet will return to ITV next year, after the broadcaster announced it had signed up core cast members such as James Nesbitt and Hermione Norris for a new eight-part series.

Confirming months of rumours, the channel said that filming on the show - often referred to as the British answer to Friends - would begin early next year. It will be directed by Terry McDonough, whose previous projects include the hit American drama Breaking Bad.

Nesbitt and Norris are on board, alongside key cast members Robert Bathurst, John Thomson, and Fay Ripley. Of the original gang of characters, only Helen Baxendale, whose character Rachel was killed off in a car crash, will not return.

Cold Feet was ITV's most popular drama of the Nineties, attracting an average of 8million viewers. It followed the lives of three thirtysomething couples living in Manchester and was created by Mike Bullen, who will also work on the new project.

ITV said the new series would be set in the present day, 13 years after Rachel's untimely death. Whereas previous series followed the characters as they struggled to embrace adulthood and settle down, they will now be shown in the early stages of middle age.

An ITV spokesman said: "They’d hoped that by the time they were approaching 50, life would be simpler. Well, now they’re there, to discover that it isn’t. The issues they face are different but just as challenging. They still have many years to live, but can’t escape the niggling fear that their futures are behind them."

James Nesbitt was one of the main stars of Cold Feet
James Nesbitt was one of the main stars of Cold Feet

Creator of Cold Feet, Mike Bullen, said:“This feels like the right time to revisit these characters, as they tip-toe through the minefield of middle age. They’re 50, but still feel 30, apart from on the morning after the night before, when they really feel their age.

"They’ve still got lots of life to look forward to, though they’re not necessarily the years one looks forward to!”

Cold Feet ran for five series between 1997 and 2003. The show's emotional 2003 finale was watched by 10.7million people and showed the funeral of Helen Baxendale's character Rachel. Filming on the new series begins in February 2016.

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