Wednesday 20 November 2019

‘Neil Delamere's eyebrows are about to leave chemtrails and I don't blame him’ – Nicole Byrne’s comments on surrogacy provoke on Cutting Edge


Neil Delamere on Cutting Edge
Neil Delamere on Cutting Edge
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Comedian Neil Delamere's reaction to fellow Cutting Edge guest Nicola Byrne's comments about surrogacy appeared to speak for the majority of viewers on Wednesday night.

Delamere and entrepreneur Byrne were joined on the panel by journalist and critic Emer O'Kelly for Brendan O'Connor's topical chat show and the issues of revenge porn, climate change, euthanasia, surrogacy and personal hygiene were amongst those up for discussion.

Byrne's opinions on climate change (she's not convinced it exists) and surrogacy (she's against it) proved particularly divisive and it was Delamere's reaction to her take on the latter that provoked the biggest reaction amongst viewers on social media.

When asked by O'Connor who she was 'putting on the slab' this week, Byrne chose 'Kim Kardashian for her surrogacy'.

"I'm a mother of three and I'm a little bit uncomfortable, unhappy, can't find the words, this is just disturbing," she said.

"She's got two beautiful kids and she's got a medical problem and as a mother there's nothing worse than being told you're at the end of the line, you're not going any further but because she's rick and famous she just gets to buy a baby off the shelf or a surrogate mother.

"If it was me and if it was my life I feel a bit sick and uncomfortable that depending on how much money you have you can buy whatever you want and a baby is just another [thing on the] list of things you can procure."

O'Connor suggested surrogacy is a legitimate way for a woman who is unable to have a baby to have that baby.

"Have a total stranger carry a baby that's your DNA?" interjected Byrne. "I don't think there's anything normal about it.  We don't do it with animals.  We don't do it with anyting.  In fact, we interfere with nature.  Where does it end?"

She added, "The humanity in me says that everybody has the right to procreate and go forth and we don't get to choose the rules to who does that and who doesn't.  We don't get the rules to say is that when nature works against us we just go out and buy what we want."

Delamere questioned whether or not Byrne had ever had any medical treatment and asked was this not interfering with nature, which prompted the response, "The problem with a baby's life is that I'm interfering with my body for medical reasons.  I'm not creating new life and I'm not buying...

"We had an issue with slavery a couple of hundred years ago.  We fought to make everybody equal.  We're not all equal."

The expression on Delamere's face spoke for many viewers...

It seems Neil was not alone as many viewers vented their fury at Byrne's comments:

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