Wednesday 18 September 2019

Mum who 'feels broken' after losing teenage son to SADS becomes latest Operation Transformation leader

Clare Scanlan
Clare Scanlan
Dan Kennedy
Noeleen Lynam
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

The third leader for this year's Operation Transformation has been revealed.

Clare Scanlan (39) from Limerick will join Dan Kennedy and Noeleen Lynam who were announced on The Ray D'Arcy show yesterday.

Clare is a working mum (she works in telesales) who hails originally from West Cork but moved to Limerick when she married Tom.  They have two children Liam (11) and Caoimhe (10).

Keeping her weight down has proved to be a life-long struggle and Clare put on a little weight after each pregnancy.

She was very active in her youth but now finds it very hard to get motived - and chocolate and biscuits are her downfall.  She admits she can't have a cup of tea without a couple of biscuits.

Unfortunately, Clare's eldest son Darra passed away four years ago from SAD (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome), when he was just 15 years old.

He was a happy teenager, who was always active and loved nothing more than playing football and soccer.

For Clare, since's Darra's funeral she feels she's just existing rather than really living her life.  She misses Darra terribly and was very angry at his loss for a time but now just feels broken.

Life has continued around her; bills still need to be paid and Liam and Caoimhe still need to be brought to school every morning.

She has kept going as best she can for her children but hasn’t had any energy to put into herself. She is stuck in a rut, with her weight creeping up all the time. 

Clare hopes that tackling her weight will be the first step in learning to feel happy and start enjoying life again.

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