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Most actors on Fair City 'need a second job to make a living'


Aoibheann McCaul (pictured with Steve Gunn) as Caoimhe in Fair City

Aoibheann McCaul (pictured with Steve Gunn) as Caoimhe in Fair City

Aoibheann McCaul (pictured with Steve Gunn) as Caoimhe in Fair City

Aoibheann McCaul has revealed that most of the actors on Fair City need second jobs to make a living.

The Malahide woman stars as Caoimhe Dillon in the long-running soap but she is planning to branch out into drama teaching to supplement her income as she does not work regularly throughout the year.

"Everybody has a second gig. I do voiceovers all the time. No one is in there 50 weeks of the year or whatever. I think most actors on Fair City do voiceovers," she said.

The actress revealed that many of the voices people hear on TV ads are done by Fair City actors.

Other stars on the show like Maclean Burke, who plays Damien, have gone in an entirely different direction for their side career.

"Maclean has a windows business. A lot of the actors, you wouldn't know, but they are the voices you hear in ads constantly," Aoibheann told the Herald.

"I would like to do a bit of youth theatre. I'm actually training as a drama teacher.

"I came through youth theatre myself and I wrote my thesis on the need for drama at second level education for social and personal development and that's what youth theatre is all about."

Aoibheann also hopes to work with special needs children and host confidence-building classes for people who struggle with public speaking.

"I'd maybe work with people with special needs through drama and maybe businesspeople who are too scared to get up and present something because that's something that a lot of people who don't come through drama are lacking in," she said.

The Dubliner is currently taking a break from Fair City and will return to Carrigstown next month.

Aoibheann did not appear in last night's all-female episode, a first for the series, but she was thrilled it happened. "I think it's great. Why not?" she said.

Last year it was revealed that actors in the RTE drama earn nearly €460 a day.

However, former Fair City actress Caroline Grace Cassidy, who played Aoife Coleman for three years, said most of the actors worked for only four or five months out of the year.

"People are always very surprised, but 20-25 weeks is the longest contract that they get," she said.

"They film it in such a way that they're in for those weeks. For the smaller ones, you'd really need a second job."