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More than 1000 complaints to Ofcom from viewers miffed at Matisse impostor on Britain's Got Talent


Britain's Got Talent hosts Ant and Dec with Jules Dwyer and Mattise

Britain's Got Talent hosts Ant and Dec with Jules Dwyer and Mattise


Britain's Got Talent hosts Ant and Dec with Jules Dwyer and Mattise

The controversy surrounding the winner of this year's Britain's Got Talent continues as more than 1,000 viewers complained to Ofcom this week.

The winning dog act, billed as Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse, was a sketch which involved three dogs although it was not clear that one of the dogs played stand-in for the main dog Matisse.

O'Dwyer revealed to Lorraine Kelly on her ITV show that Chase walked the tightrope because Matisse "is afraid of heights".

She said, "Matisse is a little bit afraid of heights so although he could physically do it Chase is the dog who says 'I'm the action dog'. He plays the double for him."

The act beat Welsh choir Cor Glanaethwy and magician Jamie Raven to win the £250,000 prize.

Following the revelation, however, viewers began complaining to Ofcom and by Thursday afternoon they had received 1043 complaints.

The winning act won by a tiny 2% margin - with 22.6% of votes compared with 20.4% for magician Jamie Raven.

Earlier this week ITV boss Peter Fincham admitted that Britain's Got Talent should have made it clearer that champion O'Dwyer used a stunt double dog for her winning sketch.

He told campaign group the Voice of the Listener and Viewer (VLV) that the way the act was presented was "a judgment call".

But he added: "In the semi-final it was made quite clear the other dog played a role in it.

"In the audition it was made quite clear this was a dog act with a range of dogs.

"In hindsight, in the final it would have been better if that was clear."

Simon Cowell told the Daily Mirror this week that he felt "a bit of an idiot" when he learned the truth and wants the cloud over Jules to go as there was never any intention to mislead anyone.

"The moment I found out I literally put my head in my hands. I spoke to a lot of people after, and I did raise my voice," he said.

"But it was mainly people owning up to it. They felt embarrassed, they felt frustrated, they felt stupid but you've got to man up to this stuff.

"The producers are absolutely gutted. I was so depressed for the show, for Jules and for the producers themselves, because they are not horrible people.

"They didn't think how it would appear. I was frustrated because I didn't really know what I was judging until afterwards so I felt like a bit of an idiot."

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