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Mischief managed - Keith Barry to hypnotise contestants into losing on new TV quiz show


Mentalist and magician Keith Barry

Mentalist and magician Keith Barry

Mentalist and magician Keith Barry

WATERFORD native Keith Barry looks set to wreck havoc on contestant's winning chances on his new show.

Barry will join Phillip Schofield on a comedy game show where five complete strangers work together to complete incredibly simple challenges.

However all is not as it seems - as before the contestants complete these seemingly simple challenges, Barry will hypnotise them.

Barry's hypnotic triggers then cause them to inadvertently sabotage their chances of winning.

How well the contestants overcome their hypnotic hindrances, will determine what cash prize they will walk away with - with each round presenting the opportunity to win more money.

Speaking about the series, Keith Barry said: “It’s hypnotic, laugh a minute entertainment for all the family. Working with Philip was amazing.  He is an amazing professional and also a good laugh backstage.  I enjoyed winding him up on stage…. you'll have to tune in to see how I did that - let's just say it involved hypnosis and a wedding ring!”

'You're back in the room' begins on Saturday at 9pm on TV3.

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