Saturday 21 September 2019

Met Éireann receives complaint about outline of presenters’ underwear being visible during broadcasts

Joanna Donnelly, meteorologist with Met Eireann
Joanna Donnelly, meteorologist with Met Eireann
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Forget Trump, the DUP, and Leo Varadkar's socks, it's the weather that gets most Irish people in a tizzy.

Unfortunately, Met Éireann receive the brunt of our ire when things don't exactly pan out as expected, or as Jean Byrne and Co said they might.

Trying to barbecue in the rain?  Blame Met Eireann.  Trying to climb Carrauntoohil in unexpected strong winds?  Blame Met Éireann.

In fact, the latter is a genuine complaint from a viewer.

Credit: Met Eireann
Credit: Met Eireann

In information released to the Irish Daily Mail under the Freedom of Information Act, it was revealed that 149 letters of complaint were written to the meteorological service since January 2016.

RTE weather presenter Jean Byrne

Among them were the mountain climber, who said strong winds had been forecast for the following day and caught their climbing group out unexpectedly.

Another complained about the visible outline of underwear in some presenters' outfits.

"This is not freedom of expression or feminism, this is just a lack of human standards," they wrote.

RTE weather presenter Karina Buckley

Yet another alleged that Met Éireann is covering up 'geo-engineering' by the US military.

However, the vast majority of complaints related to the perceived inaccuracy of forecasts especially, one wrote, for anywhere "outside Dublin".

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