Thursday 5 December 2019

Messages flood in over Fair City abuse storyline

Cristiano (Rodrigo Ternevoy) is beaten by Will (John Cronin) in Fair City, RTE.
Cristiano (Rodrigo Ternevoy) is beaten by Will (John Cronin) in Fair City, RTE.
Aoife Walsh

Aoife Walsh

FAIR City actor Rodrigo Ternevoy said he received floods of messages from fans following the domestic violence storyline first played out by characters Cristiano San Martin and Will Casey in October.

Rodrigo, who plays Cristiano, said the reaction to the abuse his character has suffered at the hands of Will (John Cronin) has been far greater than he expected.

“The very time they aired the episode where Will hit Cristiano physically, as soon as that episode ended, within two hours, I had received about 400 messages – which has never happened before.

“You usually get some messages from fans saying they really liked it, but that evening was really powerful.

“I realised so many people can relate to it. Some of them are still coming; today I got about five from people that are struggling in domestic abusive relationship and also from survivors.

“Most of the people are out of the relationship, which is really nice because I think the story shows them what they couldn’t see when they were in that complicated situation,” he told the

“It’s the first time that I’ve played a part with such a huge social responsibility attached to it.”

He continued: “This part is the most sensitive and important. I think everyone watching the show at the moment can relate, or even if they’re not in that situation they might identify it in a friend, or a friend of a friend.”

Fans were relieved to see Will’s true colours finally show during Thursday night’s episode after Mairead witnessed a row between himself and Cristiano.

Once she realised Will had been the abusive one in the relationship all along, she joined forces with Damien to support Cristiano.

However, Cristiano is still not ready to give up on Will.

In tomorrow night’s episode, a concerned Cristiano decides to visit Will after Damien tells him how low his mood has been. The pair meet up – despite Mairead and Damien’s efforts to keep them apart.

After Will bombards Cristiano with text messages that Damien later reads – he’s left worried for Cristiano’s safety.

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