Monday 23 October 2017

Meet Noel, King of the Dancefloor at Rain nightclub, Dublin for the past decade

Noel on Camden Chaos
Noel on Camden Chaos
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

If you're a regular at Rain Nightclub, Portobello, you'll know that Noel has been throwing shapes on the dancefloor there for almost a decade.

Rain is dedicated to the over 30's and Noel says it's great to have somewhere for someone older to go and dance.

"It's great to think that even at my age there's still places to come and dance," he says.

"There's just not a lot of avenues for a person that's senior in years to enjoy themselves really in terms of social. 

"I try to come here to let yourself go a little bit sometnimes, just forget aobut problems or issues.  When I go out of here it sort of hits you then that you have to go back to reality as much as anything else."

However, he adds, "Once I put the shirt on I'm happy.  I forget about everything else."

You can catch Noel on Camden Chaos, a new documentary on RTE Two tonight (Wednesday April 8) at 9pm.

Camden Chaos is the latest in the Reality Bites series and promises to capture the "personalities and tensions bubbling away" in Camden/Portobello, the liveliest party spot in town.

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