Friday 13 December 2019

Meet Father Kenny: the priest who's using mass to make sure parishioners stay on track with fitness

Father Kenny
Father Kenny

AS Operation Transformation fever sweeps the country one Irish village has found an unusual task-master who is leading their weight loss - the local parish priest.

Fr Kenny, the priest in Tourmakeady, Co Mayo, is using Sunday mass to ensure that his parishioners are on track with their fitness and weight-loss goals.

In the spirit of the mantra 'those who pray together weigh together' the group have lost almost ten stone in just a week.

"You can't even buy a bar of chocolate now or have a pint on the quiet because everyone is watching you and there is no place to hide anymore," joked one local man.

Tonight's episode of the RTE show will show the locals getting to grips with the million pound challenge but their priest leads by example.

"Usually my car has a roof rack with a surfboard, paddle-board or a bike on top so when they see that they know mass is going to be short," Fr Kenny said.

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