Thursday 21 November 2019

MasterChef viewers have no taste for 'deconstructed pie'

By Julia Hunt

Fans weren’t sure that a deconstructed pie actually counted as a pie.

A MasterChef hopeful has stirred up a debate on social media after serving up a “deconstructed” pie… or was it a stew?

Amateur cook Fumbi was tasked with creating a dish inspired by his childhood in the knockout stage of the BBC1 show.

But his modern take on the steak and kidney pie confused viewers, who insisted his deconstructed dish “defeats the whole purpose of a pie”.

One fan suggested deconstructed food was just “an excuse when it falls apart on you”.

Some viewers even called for an all-out ban on such dishes.

However, the judges did not agree as Fumbi made it through to the next stage.

The pie is not the first MasterChef recipe to trigger a backlash on Twitter.

Earlier in the series viewers were horrified when one of the cooks went “one hipster idea too far” and whipped up a chocolate mousse mixed with sweet potato.

Another contestant surprised viewers when she chose to cook a ballotine of crocodile.

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