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MasterChef star Robin Gill admits he feared fellow chefs would be 'too hot to handle'


Robin Gill was ‘nervous’ judging stars like Nadia Forde

Robin Gill was ‘nervous’ judging stars like Nadia Forde

Robin Gill was ‘nervous’ judging stars like Nadia Forde

Masterchef star Robin Gill has admitted he was "nervous" about joining the show because he was afraid the celebrity contestants would be difficult to deal with.

The restaurateur served as a judge alongside chef Daniel Clifford and thought the likes of Nadia Forde, Samantha Mumba and Simon Delaney could have "big personalities" and wouldn't take criticism well.

"I was very nervous initially with all the different celebrities," he said.

"I thought they would all be challenging. I had that fear, if you were trying to judge them, how am I going to deal with that? I'm not a confrontation type of person."

Luckily for Robin, he got on well with all the contestants.

"Daniel and I never sat down and asked, 'Who's going to be good cop and bad cop?' We didn't want to be malicious and cruel. They were all fantastic to work with," he said.

The cooking competition proved to be a highly stressful environment that some celebrities found difficult to handle.

"Evelyn Cusack really freaked out," said Robin. "On the first episode, she cooked one of the best dishes but she just got completely freaked out.

"It's very daunting - you've got six or seven cameras on you. I was worried about her."

Robin found the show tough to predict, and some of the contestants he thought would reach the final got the heave-ho early on.

"Samantha was such a natural, good cook, very organised and listened very well," he said. "I thought she was going to do really well.

"The same with Mundy - he was a great cook. I thought for sure he would make it to the final, but he couldn't follow instructions.

"It's a shame, because if he had made it to the final he would have had a very good chance of taking it."

Tonight's final will see remaining contestants Niamh Kavanagh, Simon Delaney and Oisin Mc- Conville battle to become king or queen of the kitchen.

Robin and Daniel give them three-and-a-half hours to cook a three- course meal.

MasterChef is on TV3 tonight at 9pm.