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Mary Berry takeaway pizza confession causes puree chaos


The former Bake Off star is being as divisive as ever.

Viewers were baffled after Mary Berry confessed to never having ordered a takeaway pizza.

The former Great British Bake Off star – who last week caused a stir when she made a bolognese using white wine, thyme and cream – showed off her recipe for a Parma ham and goats’ cheese pizza in the latest instalment of Mary Berry Everyday.

But before making her own tasty treat, she was given a lesson from two pizza aficionados who showed her how to create an authentic margherita.

The 81-year-old said: “I’ve called for my first ever pizza delivery in the form of brothers James and Tom from Dorset, who love it so much they went all the way to Naples to discover the secrets of the very best pizza in the world.”

Fans were quick to react to her admission on Twitter.

One pointed out the difference between a proper delivery and Mary’s version.

Not only were the veteran TV cook’s fans disappointed by her takeaway confession, many were perplexed when she ate her pizza with cutlery.

Maverick Mary also caused a stir by adding garlic into her dough.

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