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Mary Berry back in favour after bolognese backlash


Her recipes hit the spot with fans this week.

Mary Berry appears to have shaken off “bolognese-gate”, winning widespread praise for the latest recipes on her BBC show.

The former Great British Bake Off judge shocked viewers when she used white wine, thyme, cream and an oven to create her version of the Italian-inspired staple in last week’s instalment of Mary Berry Everyday.

But things were back on track on Monday night as Mary whipped up favourites such as stew, pizza, a sorbet and a cheesecake.

“Good to see #maryberry hasn’t sent Twitter into meltdown this week,” said another of Mary’s army of devoted followers.

However, with no culinary controversy in sight, some viewers could not resist dredging up the bolognese saga.

Another quipped: “#MaryBerry has cut her carrots too thin, and committed an unforgivable sin putting mushrooms in a beef and ale stew. One is shocked.”

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