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Marty and the Little People: GAA pundit preps for dance-off


An artist’s impression of how Marty and Ksenia could line out at the weekend

An artist’s impression of how Marty and Ksenia could line out at the weekend

An artist’s impression of how Marty and Ksenia could line out at the weekend

Still smarting from the 'Dancing with the Stars' judges' crushing commentary about his Cha-cha-cha, Marty Morrissey is pulling out all the Paddywhackery stops ahead of this Sunday's show.

It's going to be Movie Night in Ardmore and contestants must perform a routine inspired by the silver screen.

Marty has settled on 1959 Disney movie 'Darby O'Gill and the Little People'.

The film tells the story of Darby O'Gill, a fiddle-playing caretaker who loses his job, falls down a well, and ends up in the land of the leprechauns.

There he meets the leprechauns' leader King Brian (Jimmy O'Dea).

Initially, the pair don't get on but after taking part in a marathon drinking binge, they agree to set Darby's daughter Katie (Janet Munroe) up with governor Michael McBride (Sean Connery).

Morrissey and his partner Ksenia will perform a lively American Smooth to one of the movie's defining songs 'Pretty Irish Girl'.

RTÉ will not confirm which character from the movie Marty will play.

However, given he is dancing to a song sung by Sean Connery, it seems probable Marty will channel the Scottish heartthrob.

"This week is redemption week for Marty," a show insider said.


"He's determined to give it everything he's got and show viewers the Marty Party is going strong."

Marty's odds as favourite plummeted to 10/1 this week after the judges awarded him the lowest marks in the show's history.

Champion dad dancer and 2fm host Bernard O'Shea, and his partner Valeria Milova, will take on the Paso Doble to 'He's a Pirate' from swashbuckling franchise 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.

Camogie star Anna Geary and her partner Kai Widdrington will perform a contemporary dance to 'Let it Go' from the Disney smash hit 'Frozen'.

Erin McGregor will perform the Charleston to 'Woo Hoo' from Quentin Tarentino's 'Kill Bill'.

Jake Carter is looking 'Back to the Future' for inspiration and will perform the Cha-cha-cha to ballad 'The Power of Love'.

Comedian Deirdre O'Kane will perform a quickstep to 'Peppy and George' from Oscar-winning French film 'The Artist'.

Meanwhile, model Alannah Beirne will dance to 'City of Stars' from musical 'La La Land'.

Beirne topped the leader board last week with a 1920s Charleston.

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