Friday 20 September 2019

Mario Rosenstock vows to 'roast' guests on new show

Elaine McCahill

Mario Rosenstock said the only thing his celebrity guests know about his new show is that they're going to be "roasted".

The celebs will be interviewed by one of his most popular characters, Miriam O'Callaghan, in front of a live audience - and there will also be musical guests.


Well-known faces such as Keith Duffy, Willie O'Dea and Francis Brennan have all agreed to take part.

"The interview is completely unscripted and I refuse to give them any of my questions," Mario said.

"The only thing you tell them beforehand is that 'you're gonna get roasted'."

The Gift Grub creator said there will also be new characters like Donald Trump, and Ray D'Arcy will also feature, adding: "He'll be in every episode, there is a lot of funniness in him ... the running and the porridge and all that."

Mario Rosenstock as Vincent Browne.
Mario Rosenstock as Vincent Browne.

While he takes the mickey out of his former Today FM colleague, Mario said he doesn't "go personal on people".

"I take people's personas and I flip it around. Their public persona is public property, not their private one," he said.

However, some celebrities have taken offence at his impersonations.

"I don't mind naming names," he told the RTE Guide. "Ronan Keating used to be sniffy about it. He's okay now. Michael Flatley hates it, I'm told.

"Michael D is a big fan. Roy Keane did a Roy meets Roy and Jose Mourinho invited me over to Chelsea," he added.

The Mario Rosenstock Show airs on RTE One next Sunday, November 15, at 9.30pm. Mario's first guest will be Louis Walsh.

Mario Rosenstock as Marty Morrisey
Mario Rosenstock as Marty Morrisey


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