Saturday 24 August 2019

'Male co-star cost me a role on UK children's TV show', says Sinead Kennedy

RTE's Sinead Kennedy.
RTE's Sinead Kennedy.

Elaine McCahill

Many Irish stars hope to make it big across the pond but Sinead Kennedy said she gave up the dream of making it big in London after getting her fingers burned a few years ago.

The 31-year-old was wooed by a big UK channel to take on a role in a live kids TV show but the deal went sour when Sinead and her new co-star didn't click.

Sinead is keeping her lips sealed as to who was involved but admitted losing out on such a big role was a huge "knock back".

"I was sought out by a channel a few years ago and I was amazed they knew who I was," she told the Diary.

"I went over and did a load of auditions and everything was going really well.

"We had almost signed on the dotted line, until I met the co-presenter and lets just say we didn't gel at all," she added.

The Cork native, who spent 10 years presenting children's TV on RTE2, said she tried her best to make it work with the UK star and was "devastated" when it didn't work out.

"The main presenter hadn't done any live TV so they wanted me as a pair of safe hands," she said.

"I pretended we were getting on but I just didn't like him.

"I'd worked with people I didn't like before and I thought it would be grand but I knew it wasn't working and I was devastated when they called to say they weren't taking me on.

"He's still presenting, so I can't say who he is - he's doing very well for himself," she added.

The Winning Streak presenter said her confidence took a knock and she hasn't ventured across the Irish Sea since then.

"It was a major knock back. They had built me up so much and then it was all over," she said.

"The station were even talking about getting me an agent because they said I'd get so many offers as soon as it went on air.

"Luckily I hadn't told anyone besides my parents and my now-husband Conor because I'd made that mistake before and then you're left mortified when it doesn't work out.

"I haven't tried anything since and I don't think I will. I'm happy with what I'm doing here," she added.


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