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Maia Dunphy to meet with 'Irish media mafia' for new series on RTE


Maia Dunphy and her husband Johnny Vegas

Maia Dunphy and her husband Johnny Vegas

Maia Dunphy and her husband Johnny Vegas

Broadcaster Maia Dunphy will host a new documentary series about the 'Irish media mafia' living in the UK.

Dunphy - who previously worked on RTE series What Women Want and The Podge and Rodge Show - will interview a host of Irish personalities, including Father Ted creator Graham Linehan.

It will be the broadcaster's first on-screen role since giving birth to her son Tom Laurence in July.

Dunphy was inspired to make the documentary after moving to London last year.


Graham Linehan

Graham Linehan

Graham Linehan

The petite presenter headed across the water to be closer to her comedian husband, Johnny Vegas. Her new series, 'Maia Dunphy's Truth About', will also explore Maia's move abroad.

"The show will see her chat to well-known and established Irishmen and women who have moved overseas," a source close to the show explained.

"But the series will also touch on her personal life and the changes she has gone through in recent months, like her move abroad.

"It will be similar in style to her previous series - clever, funny and easy to watch."

There will be two episodes initially, Childbirth and Semigration.

Prior to her move, the TV producer and presenter said she intended to continue working with RTE while living in London.

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Dunphy also expressed an interest in working with TV production companies in Britain.

The 38-year-old has been married to comedian Vegas for nearly four years.

Maia gave birth to the couple's first child, Tom Laurence, in July, in Kingston Hospital in London.

Vegas has an 11-year-old son, Michael, with his ex-wife Kitty Donnelly.

Since the arrival of her son, Maia has been sharing endearing parenting updates on Twitter.

Last summer, Maia revealed their marriage was "becoming harder" as time went on and she was looking forward to moving closer to her other half.

"It's always been the way so it's all we've ever known, but it's getting harder, which is probably a good sign," she explained at the time.

"If it was getting easier you'd need to ask questions, but I'm really excited.

"The time is right. We've never put it off for any other reason than just work, so I've been very, very fortunate in that respect and so is he, that we've both been very busy."

Vegas is providing the voice-over for new ITV series Travel Guides, which sees five ordinary families travel to some of the world's most popular holiday destinations to review them.

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