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Made In Chelsea's Binky and JP: We reunited for love, not our baby


The couple are expecting a baby together and have insisted this isn’t the only reason they are an item again.

Made In Chelsea stars Alexandra “Binky” Felstead and Josh “JP” Patterson have said they did not rekindle their romance just because they are expecting a baby together.

Binky and JP’s on-off relationship has been well-documented on E4′s structured reality show and, at the end of the most recent series, they were not an item.

However, 26-year-old model Binky found out she was pregnant with JP’s child after they had split, and they have since reunited as a couple.

Appearing together on ITV’s This Morning, JP, 27, said: “It has taken a while.

“We basically discussed things when we found out the news, and the most important thing was that we didn’t get back together for the child, that’s the worst possible thing you could do.

“If you are going to get back together it’s because the love is there, and the relationship is right. And obviously we did have our ups and downs in the past, so it was a case of taking things slow.”

JP said a “number of things” caused them to break up and largely because they lived out their romance in a TV show.

He said: “Everything is kind of enhanced, and you have a lot of opinions from multiple different directions, from media, from fans, from friends and family.

“Situations that aren’t necessarily that big a deal can become 10 times worse, and it just got to the point unfortunately where it got too much.”

This Morning host Holly Willoughby shared her doubts over their reunion.

She said to JP: “I think your biggest challenge is going to come after the baby arrives, it’s nothing to do with the baby, because you seem to be really good when you’re together, on your own, but then you seem to not be able to handle it when she goes out and has her life, I think.”

He said: “I think we have to realise when a child is coming into the picture you both change, the people you may have been then completely changes when this baby comes into the picture, you both grow up together.

“You both change together.

“And the changes in myself and Binks from finding out this news is what makes it so special.

“You find out things about one another that you didn’t know before.”

Asked by presenter Phillip Schofield if she is ready to become a mother, Binky said: “I do feel ready.

“The house has been renovated, the nursery is being planned and everything has been bought and it’s really exciting.”

She said it is “quite scary” to consider that everything she and Patterson have been through will be online forever and there for their child to see in the future.

Binky said: “Everyone has an opinion and that’s what we signed up for.

“We just have to stick to a united front and do the best we can.

“We want this child to have the best life possible.”

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