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Lynda Bellingham: I have weeks to live but I'd love one more Christmas with my family


Lynda Bellingham pictured in April

Lynda Bellingham pictured in April

Lynda Bellingham pictured in April

Actress Lynda Bellingham has revealed she has just weeks to live after deciding to end her chemotherapy treatment.

The actress, 66, who is best known for playing the mother in the Oxo TV adverts, has been battling colon cancer since July last year.

In an autobiography due to be published next month and serialised in the Mail on Sunday, she has revealed she will stop taking chemotherapy in November after the cancer spread to her lungs and liver.

In excerpts printed in the paper, she said: “August 13, 2014. Yesterday was the glorious 12th - a day for us to remember because it is also the day I decided when I will die. I am very dramatic, aren't I?

"I know it is not ultimately my decision, but it is my last vestige of control to sit in front of the oncologist and say when I would like to stop having chemo and let the natural way do its thing.

“I sat down with Michael and Professor Stebbing and announced: 'The time has come to cease and desist. I would love to make one more Christmas, if possible, but I want to stop taking chemo around November in order to pass away by the end of January'.”

The actress and Loose Women panellist, whose sister Barbara died from lung cancer, tweeted in support of fellow cancer patients today.

“One of thousands going through this. So love and luck to you all x”, adding that she wrote her book to “help everyone who has cancer or a terminal illness”.

The actress, who was adopted, previously published a best-selling memoir, Lost And Found, which dealt with her search for her birth mother.

Her new autobiography, Memoir, will be published by Coronet on 9 October.

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