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Love/Hate creator Stuart admits he doesn't know how the final series will end


Stuart Carolan

Stuart Carolan

Stuart Carolan

Love/Hate creator Stuart Carolan has revealed he does not know how the series will eventually end, but doesn't want to disappoint fans.

"It's hard to know what kind of ending there will be - there have been odd endings for each series," he told the Herald.

"A huge amount of people weren't happy with the ending of different shows like The Sopranos - there's no right or wrong, all you do is try to get the one that feels right."

The screenwriter of RTE's gangland hit drama been offered TV gigs in America but insists he will not move abroad.

he has no intention of living anywhere but Ireland and could find it tough to adapt to life after Love/Hate.

"The show has opened a lot of doors in terms of people wanting to talk to you, in all sorts of areas," he said.

"There's been a few things [from the US] that I've been offered, but nothing to take much interest and it would honestly be very hard to give this up.

"I love working with the group of Love/Hate people and it's a tight-knit crew. I've met some fantastic people along the way, too," he said.

Nidge, Fran and their gang of criminals will return in the fifth season of Love/Hate in October.

Stuart revealed the plot will pick up where it left off in series four, where kingpin Nidge handed himself over to gardai.

"This is the first time where it's only a couple of weeks after [the last series]," he said.

"Generally, each season kicks off a year after the previous, but this time it's kind of a continuation.

"It's a longer story line - this season is like the Part B to Part A of series four. Some of the storylines pick up where they left off," he said.

The former radio producer sometimes finds the long days difficult.

"Doing 14 hours a-day can be a little bit tough, although I don't feel pressure to come up with the storylines, you get used to it and live with it."

Meanwhile, hardened on-screen criminal Ian Lloyd Anderson admitted he was far from calm or collected when proposing to his long-term girlfriend. Ian is recognisable for his portrayal as Dean in Love/Hate. The star told the Herald he was terrified getting down on bended knee last month while he and other half Kim Harris were holidaying in the US.

"I seem to be at that mad age where everyone around us is getting hitched, so I thought I'd better get on with it or Kim would not have been happy at all," he said.

"Her two best mates just got engaged, so the pressure was on and I would've been in trouble otherwise."



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