Sunday 18 August 2019

Love Island’s Samira finally gets a kiss – but fans worry Ellie will make a play for Sam

Samira is now coupled up with newcomer Sam.

Samira Mighty locked lips with Sam Bird (ITV)
Samira Mighty locked lips with Sam Bird (ITV)

By Julia Hunt, Press Association Entertainment Correspondent

Love Island viewers were “buzzing” as Samira Mighty finally got a kiss – but others are worried that the romance is not as it seems.

The West End performer has been unlucky in love so far on the ITV2 reality show, and has spent most of her time in a friendship couple with Dr Alex George.

Her luck appeared to be changing when newcomer Sam Bird chose her to couple up with, and they locked lips in Sunday night’s episode.

The pair were discussing their new coupling, with Sam explaining that he picked Samira because she was “the only girl to make me laugh”.

Spotting an opportunity to pucker up, he leans in, saying: “It’s exciting stuff. I would do a ‘cheers’ but I haven’t got a drink. I’ll give you a kiss instead.”

Later in the Beach Hut, Samira revealed she was keen.

“It’s my first romantic kiss, and a boy put it on me. Not me being like ‘kiss me!’ So yeah, it was quite cute,” she said.

“It was quite quick but I was into it.”

Many fans were thrilled to see the couple in a clinch and are hoping Sam proves to be Samira’s Mr Right.

“Legit screaming with happiness for samara,” said one person on Twitter.

“Absolutely buzzing for samara!!!” tweeted another.

“I’m so happy for Samira, get that kiss gal!” said one.

But others feared that Sam picking Samira might have been a tactical move, rather than just a romantic decision, saying he could be biding his time until Ellie Brown and Alex George split, leaving his path to Ellie clear.

One viewer posted: “So Happy for Samira, but not 100% sure if Sam is right for her. Im not sure what it is… but something doesnt feel right.”

“I feel like Sam is not into Samira one little bit,” said another.

One said: “Ellie will be with Sam faster than a flamenco dancer can clap her hands, poor Alex will once again be with Samira, friends, together forever divided by a pillow.”

Another warned: “I feel like sam is gonna bin off samira. Like he’s probs got a game plan to crack on with ellie when she friendzones alex.”

Love Island continues on 3e.

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