Wednesday 22 May 2019

Love Island’s Hayley: I don’t think many people my age know about Brexit

The reality TV star also defended herself about not knowing what an earlobe was.

Love Island’s Hayley Hughes: I don’t think many people my age know about Brexit (ITV)
Love Island’s Hayley Hughes: I don’t think many people my age know about Brexit (ITV)

By Lucy Mapstone, Press Association Deputy Entertainment Editor

Love Island’s Hayley Hughes has said she does not think many people her age understand what Brexit is, after she was mocked for her comments on the reality show.

During her time on the ITV2 dating programme, Hayley – who was booted out last week – revealed during a discussion with her co-stars that she did not know what Brexit meant.

Georgia Steel had prompted the chat about leaving the European Union, to which Hayley asked “What’s that?”, adding: “I seriously don’t have a clue.”

When Samira Mighty then explained that Brexit means the UK will be leaving the EU, Hayley asked: “So, does that mean we won’t have any trees?”

However, during an appearance on ITV’s Lorraine, Hayley was told she might have been on to something as EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier’s aide, Stefaan de Rynck, appeared to support the suggestion that Brexit could affect trees in terms of trade deals.

Mr de Rynck tweeted an article in the Sun which claimed environmental specialists are concerned that Britain may fall behind in its tree-planting targets because it relies on imports.

He wrote: “Love island is certainly more entertaining than EU #brexit preparedness notices, like the one on FLEGT. But both raise awareness! Fight against illegal logging is another dimension beyond @matt_dathan take on tree disease.”

After being told about the impact of her comments, Hayley told the programme: “I don’t really understand, if you want me to be honest, and I really don’t think many 21-year-olds know about Brexit.

“But obviously, because I’ve been the one to open my mouth and not just sit back, it’s me that has been judged.”

The reality TV personality also defended herself against criticism that arose after she asked what an earlobe was when tasked with licking her co-star’s earlobe on the ITV2 reality show.

She said: “What it was, in the moment, we were all playing the game and having a laugh, but I didn’t know if it was inside the ear at the time, or the earlobe.

“So I’ve learned something.”

Hayley left Love Island last week after failing to strike up a romance with her partner, Charlie Frederick, after viewers deemed them the least compatible couple.

Love Island’s Charlie (ITV)

She said that now she has left the programme, she wants to try to become an actress.

“I want to have a career in acting now, I want to take every opportunity,” she said.

Appearing on Lorraine before Hayley, Charlie denied that their tense relationship and fall-out was down to sexual tension between them.

He said: “That’s a different angle altogether.”

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