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Love Island’s Dr Alex George joining Six O’Clock Show


Dr Alex George (PA)

Dr Alex George (PA)

Dr Alex George (PA)

Former Love Island star Dr Alex George has joined Virgin Media One’s The Six O’Clock Show as the show’s resident doctor.

Dr Alex, who is currently working on the frontline with the NHS, joined Muireann O’Connell and Martin King via video to discuss medical advancements and myths surrounding the coronavirus.

The medic said that the last few months have been tough but that things are improving now that a significant number of vaccines have been administered in the UK.

He discussed some misconceptions about the vaccinations with the The Six O’Clock Show hosts, saying that “there are always side effects with every vaccine. After the first dose, the next day I was a bit achy.”

Dr Alex addressed the public concern's about major side effects, saying “When you have the vaccine, we ask you to sit there and if there’s a serious reaction it will be in the first minute or so of having the vaccine.”

And he told how one of the unexpected benefits of the Covid-19 pandemic is that fewer people have been prescribed antibiotics in the last year.

“Around one-fifth less prescriptions have been given out,” he revealed.

Last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson appointed Dr Alex as an Ambassador for Mental Health, advocating for better mental health facilities and support after the death of his younger brother Llyr. He was asked about his new role on the show and said he is investigating how young people can be supported and school and university.

“The diagnosis of mental health in children has gone from one in nine to one in six,” said Dr Alex.

He stressed the importance of having a routine and getting outside while respecting Covid guidelines, adding that “fresh air is great for the mind and body.”

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Dr Alex also encouraged viewers to consider taking Vitamin D supplements (after consulting their doctor) as we do not get enough Vitamin D from sunlight alone. “It plays a role in mental health and bone health.”

  • The Six O’Clock Show airs weeknights at 6pm on Virgin Media One.

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