Monday 20 May 2019

Love Island viewers losing patience with Dr Alex's bungled attempts at flirting and his 'smouldering eyes'

Dr Alex demonstrating his smouldering eyes
Dr Alex demonstrating his smouldering eyes
Alex George (ITV)

Julia Hunt

Love Island viewers are losing patience with Dr Alex George as he appeared to make a hash of another budding romance.

The A&E doctor has struggled to find love in the ITV2 villa, but things were looking up with the arrival of newcomer Grace Wardle.

However, his awkward attempt at conversation and poor attempt at "smouldering" glances has started to annoy fans, who have said it might be time for him to give up and go.

During Wednesday night's instalment, Alex tried to engage Grace in a chat about her hobbies, but floundered when she could not come up with more than socialising and "maintenance".

"Omg. Dr. Alex is awful. He's run his course. Time to get dumped from the villa!" one person said on Twitter.

"Ok, it's time for Alex to be dumped from #loveisland hes had toooooo many chances now and he's still failing. Out!!" said another.

One said: "Ayt, it's time for alex to go now, he's had his oppurtunities and it just ain't happening. it's unfair to keep him in if he's that useless with girls."

One urged: "You lot that are voting better make Alex go home. For the love of God."

His crack at a smouldering look also appeared to be a turn off for fans.

One person tweeted: "Alex is the most awkward person ever...someone stop him and his smouldering eye please."

"Grace doesn't get my smouldering eyes..... Alex the whole nation doesn't get it," laughed one fan.

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