Tuesday 16 July 2019

Love Island: 'Maura was sent in to stir things up and that's exactly what she's done'

Maura Higgins (28) is on Love Island 2019
Maura Higgins (28) is on Love Island 2019
Melanie Finn

Melanie Finn

Love Island sensation Maura Higgins (28) has not damaged her brand with her over-the-top behaviour and sexual innuendos.

That's according to businesswoman Linda Stinson, who gave her the role of brand ambassador for Bellamianta Tan last year.

Concerns have been raised over her outspoken comments and particularly her attempt to kiss love interest Tommy Fury when he made it clear he wasn't comfortable with a smooch.

The UK broadcasting regulator has 486 complaints over Maura's advances towards Tommy during Friday night's episode.

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However, Ms Stinson, who has known the Longford model for several years, said viewers need to see more of her and give her time to relax and settle down at the villa.

She said she hopes Maura will be given appropriate after care when she leaves the show, given the huge amount that has been written about 'Hurricane Maura' online.

"I know her well and she's not usually that outspoken. I have never seen her go in for the kill like that but at the end of the day, any publicity is good publicity," she said.

Linda Stinson
Linda Stinson

"It's what people are going to make of it that counts. I think she will calm down a bit this week.

"She was sent in there by producers to stir things up and that's exactly what she has done.

"Maybe she has listened to the producers a little too much but she has been brilliant for the ratings.

"In terms of people maybe not wanting to work with her afterwards, everyone has to make their own decisions about things.

"She is the cover girl for our campaign but she had been promoting our products for two years before we took her on as a great brand ambassador. She just gets on well with everyone."

She said she considered some of the comments about Maura harsh.

"Some of the social media sites have terrible things written about her and yeah, she's got a thick skin and is a tough cookie but she's still human at the end of the day," she said.

"Two contestants who went on Love Island have died by suicide in recent years and there needs to be the right level of support afterwards."

Love Island continues on Virgin Media Two

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