Sunday 17 November 2019

Love Island fans sorry for Charlie as he's dumped with Hayley but happy Alex and Samira are safe

Viewers have shared their thoughts on the show’s latest dumping.

Love Island fans have reacted to the show’s latest dumping. (ITV)
Love Island fans have reacted to the show’s latest dumping. (ITV)

By Andrew Arthur, Press Association Entertainment Reporter

Love Island viewers have expressed sympathy for Charlie Frederick after he and his partner Hayley Hughes were dumped from the ITV2 series.

The public had a choice between saving the two models or West End performer Samira Mighty and her partner A&E Doctor Alex George.

The pairs were up for elimination after their fellow contestants deemed they were the two least compatible couples.

After host Caroline Flack revealed that Frederick and Hughes would be leaving the villa fans expressed their delight that friendship couple Mighty and George had won the vote.

Former Love Island contestant Gabby Allen, who finished fourth in last year’s series wrote on Twitter: “Yes! Made up that Alex and Samira get another chance to find love.”

One fan wrote that she hoped that Mighty and George, despite openly admitting their relationship is one of convenience, may yet develop romantic feelings.

They wrote: “I sort of hope that Samira and Alex are one of those couples who are best friends forever and then years later realise they should’ve been together the whole time.”

Another said: “This is exactly what needed to happen and did happen. Poor Charlie was collateral damage but Dr Alex needs to find a worthy girlfriend before the end of the series. Samira needs to finder man too.”

Many fans picked up on expressing sympathy for Frederick, who only entered the villa on the eighth day of the show’s fourth series.

Allen wrote: “I feel so sorry for Charlie. He got robbed of his chances. ”

Another said: “Feel sorry for poor Charlie. He never stood a chance of staying in once he paired with Hayley.”

Many viewers turned on Hughes for her behaviour during the show. Earlier in the series the Liverpudlian claimed that she did not know what Brexit was.

One user suggested that Hughes had got her comeuppance for adopting what they saw as a deliberate ploy of feigning ignorance.

They tweeted: “So happy that Hayley is gone from Love Island. Don’t act dumb, being smart can be sexy hun!”

Love Island continues on ITV2.

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