Friday 23 August 2019

Love Island: Anton goes for 'Operation Double A' with Anna

Love Island 2019: Anna Vakili (28), Pharmacist, from London
Love Island 2019: Anna Vakili (28), Pharmacist, from London

Sheena McGinley

While you're retrieving your mind from the gutter; let's kick off Day Four with a little round-up regarding the love quadrangle of sandwich-enthusiast Joe, "straight talking" beautician Amber, "deep" boxer Tommy and surfer (model) Lucie.

Despite culling things with Tommy in favour of an overly zealous Joe, Lucie has now found herself at a loose end. Why? Joe decided to crack on with Amber in tonight's show. As for their 'chat'? Pretty much verbatim Tommy's 'flanter' with Amber last night... you know, when he was desperately attempting to let her know she wasn't second best (she was).

Tonight's flirtatious tete-a-tete, this time featuring Joe instead of Tommy, went a little something like this...

Joe: "You are the probably the kind of girl I would go for…"

Amber: "Really? Me and Lucie are not the same at all."

Joe: "I feel like not only are you loyal, I feel like if we were to couple up you’d be straight talking."

To be fair, Joe's right; Amber was very quick to point out to current partner, Callum, that not all sunglasses suit him. What Joe is entirely wrong about, however, is his double standards. Like Lucie said tonight; "If you’re flirting with her behind my back, why can’t I talk to Tommy?"

Why not, indeed...


Much like Tommy's attempts to crack on with Amber in front of her partner, Callum, threesome enthusiast Anton tonight announced he'd like to share a bed (and presumably eyebrow grooming tips) with chemist/Kardashian replicant Anna in front of her partner Sherif. Well miffed, Sherif sought advice from the smartest person in the room – Yewande. Indeed, the Dublin-hailing scientist hasn't gone for a hop, she's still there, despite barely featuring in any footage over the last few days.

Yewande, who just seems to be there in an advisory capacity, dispensed the following to Sherif: "If you do want to pursue it (Anna), it is worth talking to him (Anton)."

But what are the chances of Sporty Porche ceasing his quest to have Anna shave his arse instead of his mum?! Slim to none. Although, he hasn't seen the new 'giddle' yet.


As ever, Twitter was alight with opinions! Here are some of the more prevalent ones...

TURN ON: Tommy's undying infatuation with (no, not Lucie) Hannah Montana...

TURN OFF: Joe's incessant lip licking... #itiswhatitis.

In short...

LOTS OF LOVE FOR: Yewande, and her chronic lack of airtime.

Has anyone sent out a search party for Callum? Nay.

BIGGEST DEBATE: "Who eats an apple and a banana at the same time?!"

And for that long?!

OVERALL CONSENSUS: To be honest, and I don't want to be talking myself out of a job here, but it WAS a bit of a snorefest.

Speaking of Molly-Mae (AKA Lucie Lite), she did indeed arrive, approximately 90 seconds before the episode ended. We didn't even get to hear her voice, rather Tommy reading the following text, inviting him to take the plunge; "I'm waiting for you in the hot tub in the Hideaway."

Let's just say, Joe's true colours are shining through...

TOMORROW NIGHT!!! T'is the first recoupling of the series (yes, already) and, let's face it, Callum is a goner.

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