Thursday 20 June 2019

Love Island 2019: Shock as Tommy 'steals' Lucie from Joe and Curtis chooses Amy over Yewande

Their choices leave Anton and Joe vulnerable

Tommy Fury on Love Island. ITV2/Virgin Media Television
Tommy Fury on Love Island. ITV2/Virgin Media Television
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

It's only the second episode but hearts have already been broken as Tommy Fury split up budding couple Joe and Lucie.

Tommy and Curtis Pritchard had the unenviable task of choosing two women with whom to couple up - meaning they would need to 'steal' them from their matches in tense and dramatic fashion at the episode's close.

Tommy was keen - like most of the lads in the villa - to couple up with surfer Lucie.  However, Lucie was keen on her partner Joe, who she chose to couple up with over Michael the previous night, and they spent the day warding off a potential advance from Tommy with incessant public displays of affection.

Their PDAs did not work, however, as Tommy shocked the villa with his choice.

Early in the day Tommy told the beach hut, “At the moment the girl I want to pursue is going to be Lucie. She’s a surfer, she goes to the gym. Her body is banging. She has beautiful eyes, a beautiful face, beautiful everything."

Later he told her found her really attractive but didn't want to pick her and for her to feel uncomfortable about leaving Joe.  Lucie told the girls she was "quite happy with Joe".

Lest viewers suspect it was a one lady race, however, Tommy also spent the episode keeping Amber on her toes.  Amber made it clear she was not exactly enamoured by her first match, Callum, telling the beach hut she did not fancy him and had one eye each on Tommy and Joe.

“You should go with whatever your heart feels like, whatever your gut is telling you," Amber told Tommy during a casual chat on the day bed with the confidence of a woman who, in her entrance interview, revealed that she has never, ever been rejected.

“As it stands right now, it’s fifty-fifty. I’m being honest with you, I don’t know," said Tommy of his impending decision.

Earlier in the day Tommy had been very keen to let everyone know he was not a "d***head" as he geared up to make his big decision and 'steal' another man's woman, so to speak.

"It's mad because everyone judges me on my last name as being a d***head but I am anything but that," he told the lads, before making the shocking revelation, "I love Hannah Montana for God's sake! There isn't one bad bone in my body."

Speaking to the girls he said, "A lot of people have presumptions of me due to my last name and who I am related to. A lot of people second guess me.

"I want to make it really clear that I'm not after any quick mess around or just here to make the time up. I am after romance and I want a good connection."

Dancer Curtis, meanwhile, spent the first half of the episode bonding with air hostess Amy.  However, as the episode drew towards its conclusion, Yewande, who had been conspicuously absent for much of the first half suddenly came into play.

After Curtis and Yewande had a chat on the sofa, Curtis was torn, agonizing over who to choose to stand by his side as The Chosen One.

In the Beach Hut, Curtis said he would have liked to have kissed Yewande during the challenge (more on that challenge later), “I hadn’t actually spoken to Yewande before the challenge so I actually maybe would have liked to have given her a cheeky little peck.”

Later in the Beach Hut, Yewande also admitted she had a soft spot for Curtis, “I think I do fancy him. He has amazing eyes and he is really nice.”

Curtis later told Yewande he felt more confused about his decision since getting to know her. “I don’t know what I’m going to do because I may have been swayed," he said.

However, Amy, whose match Anton made a blatant and unsuccessful play for Lucie on the first night, seemed confident she had a good connection with the Latin and ballroom dancer.

“I don’t feel like I have to force anything with Curtis because it’s all so easy so I’m hoping that he picks me. But he was just talking to Yewande again. So, I don’t know," she said.

Ultimately Curtis chose Amy and the lads' choices leave Joe and Anton vulnerable.

Elsewhere in the villa there appeared to be some good connections in the making during the second episode.

During the first challenge of the series the boys and girls faced the rather pointless 'challenge' of sliding down a slide of slime to pluck out a secret about one of the girls and then kiss the girl they beleived the secret to be about.

Of course they just kissed whoever they fancied so Sherif kissed his match Anna, having spooned her, much to his delight, the night before.

“Last night was nice. I feel like me and Anna are on the same page. We’re going at the same pace. She’s a lovely girl all round. So, I’m chuffed. I’m really happy with the choice I made. The subs-bench worked out for me!” he said of the aforementioned spooning.

Anna was also positive about their bed-sharing situation, if not quite so enthused, describing Sherif as "like my human hot water bottle" and the spooning as "nice", the adjective of death. "He's really good at the snuggles," she added to add insult to injury.

Joe and Lucie also shared a kiss in front of a beady eyed Tommy, in the Love Island equivalant of a canine marking his territory.  Alas, it did not work.

The show's return to TV screens on Monday was watched by an average of 3.3 million viewers in the UK - the highest for a launch in the show's history.  Last year's debut attracted an overnight audience of 2.9 million.

In Ireland, an average of 245,000 people watched the launch on Virgin Media Two, with a further 148,000 streaming on Virgin Media Player.  The best performing episode last year drew 202,600 viewers.

Love Island continues on ITV2/Virgin Media Two.

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