Monday 14 October 2019

Love Island 2019: Maura locks lips with Tom, but maybe he's just not that into her?

Maura and Tom on Love Island
Maura and Tom on Love Island
Arabella Chi has caused a stir in the Love Island villa. PIC: Arabella Chi/Instagram

Sheena McGinley

Apparently, 29-year-old Tom finds Maura a bit "cringe." Takes one to know one, dude.

Tom – who hosted his very own clenched buttock collective on Sunday night (hopping around the day beds with his prize prophylactic before getting pied by Maura after his choice "mouth" comment) – has now decided he's not really into that into her.

Having a tête-à-tête with Jordan, the model (he's one of the arbitrary models, right? I'm beginning to lose track. They're both models, yes?) had this by way of analysis. Might be wise to have a heave receptacle handy:

"If another girl comes in that makes a beeline for me and she’s fit and she ticks all my boxes. The thing with me and Maura is, between me and you, she doesn’t necessarily tick all my boxes. She’s a bit OTT, she’s a bit too loud and attention-seeking and sometimes that’s not me. She makes me cringe a little bit. On the other side, I enjoy her banter, I enjoy the energy. So I can’t have it all my own way.”


Hey, at least Tom has a sliver of self-awareness, unlike Danny. Danny who, about an hour after Yewande's departure, started wearing the face off Arabella in front of all assembled. Amber and Anna were not amused. In fact, they had the gall to pull Danny up on it. You know, make him aware of his actions. Danny did not appreciate this opportunity of self-reflection, saying "It’s just unfortunate how people can hold a grudge for me doing what’s best for myself."

That's it right there. That raging sense of entitlement...

While others were willing to let things slide, Amber had quite the fire in her belly, repeatedly asking Danny if he had anything he wanted to say to her face. It then went down a little something like this...

Amber: "I just want to say I gave you an opportunity to squash anything there so don’t say anything further about the situation unless it’s directly to those people over there."

Danny: "If I’ve got something to say, I’ll say it to your face."

Amber: "Not just to me, to everyone that was there."

Danny: "I’m not shy of saying things to anybody. You have my word, if I’ve got a problem I’ll bring it to all of you."

Amber: "Your word doesn’t really mean that much at this point does it? You’re giving me your word when your word means f*** all" (a subtle reminder that he had recently given Yewande his word that his head was not for turning)."



• WTF does "You done you" mean, Tom? Do you mean: "Danny, you've stayed true to yourself; tapped into a latent self-serving side because Arabella is also a model and could open some doors"? Perhaps that might be more appropriate, 'cause "You done you" kind of throws up all manner of needless visuals.

• Lads, the misophonia is going sideways with the slurpy kissy faces. Mute the mics, producers, purrrlesseshhshshhheshlurp... shlurp. 

• Danny, you couldn've kissed Arabella anywhere. Not on her person; rather on the terrace. Or in the bathroom. Or the bedroom. Under the covers. Or in the cupboard. You were "CATEGORICALLY" or "LITERALLY" rubbing everyone's faces in it.

• Curtis's rap when Arabella inserted herself in another scenario she wasn't entirely welcomed in? Negatory.

• Amber saying "Tested, oh really? I thought I was just coming in here for a f***ing holiday!" was gold.


Danny's a self-serving plank. And his head is annoying. Indeed, the ONLY thing he actually can't take ownership of, and it's the most irksome.


Islanders read mean tweets. Something we all do every night.

Love Island continues Sunday on Virgin Media Two and ITV2.

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