Monday 17 June 2019

Love Island 2019: Here's hoping newcomer Danny will shake things up - things are starting to feel forced

Is Love Island newcomer Danny the cat amongst the pigeons?
Is Love Island newcomer Danny the cat amongst the pigeons?
Curtis Pritchard.

Sheena McGinley

One week down, another seven to go... at this early stage of proceedings, I'll go out on a limb and urge producers to mute the Islanders – they could have Ian Sterling lip-read all conversations instead.

Let's face it – his interpretation would result in oodles more hilarity.

All this year's contestants seem capable of doing at present is tell each other their "fit", lick their lips an inordinate amount, and bang on about "laying it on 'fick, like factor 50 'fick". Hey, it is what it is?!?

Surely tonight's newcomer will set the cat amongst the proverbials?! Especially now that Molly-Mae has joined the queue behind Yewande and Amber. At this rate, Anton and Michael will couple up in a bid to stay; Amber may say she's interested in the firefighter, but it's all feeling a teensy bit, well, forced.


To Danny's date 'flanter'. He's more Tommy than Curtis, with a little peppering of Anton's chaotic cheese.

His 'Getting to Know You' gold included "What is your favourite food? If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?” As well as "I’m quite tall. I’m 6ft2".

And who could forget, "You’ve got a really nice smile. Perfect teeth. As soon as you walked out, I thought ‘Wow she’s stunning'."

D'you know what, though, he was right. Yewande was proper stunning. We also got to know her a little bit better, so we could miss her more when she's not on screen; she would eat Chinese for the rest of her life, she's not really into sauces (except ketchup), and she's been single for four years because she wanted to be. Danny seemed impressed with his findings, responding ;"That is good that you have that about yourself. I find independence attractive."

Turns out Danny also finds Amber attractive as she was date choice numero dos.

The highlight of their conversation culminated in; "I’m a model. What do you do?" "I’m a beauty therapiiisst." See what I mean about Ian Sterling providing his interpretative take on the Islander's chat? PLEASE, somebody make it happen!!


• Amy wore the face off Curtis resulting in some smeared lipstick.

• Molly-Mae sidled onto the day bed to inform Danny; "I’m actually really looking forward to having a chat with you because I feel like we’re going to get on..." especially considering the boys get to pick who to couple up with this Friday. 

• Curtis provided his daily dose of couch therapy, this time his patient was Michael, who kept banging on about how "banging" Amber's body is.



Michael skipping. Just Michael skipping


Molly-Mae now deciding she's interested in Danny, because, Molly-Mae


Yewande and anyone – Michael, Danny, Ian Sterling –ANYONE


Is Danny more like Vincent Kompany or Richarlison???




Curtis and Amy get access to The Hideaway, so that means lots of close-up shots of curled toes protruding from a very bulky duvet.

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