Wednesday 21 August 2019

Love Island 2019: 'Child' Amber is clearly the most mature person in there

Maura and Amber on Love Island. PIC: ITV Studios
Maura and Amber on Love Island. PIC: ITV Studios
Amy is upset following Curtis's revelation about Jourdan on Love Island. PIC: ITV
Curtis explains himself to Amy on Love Island. PIC: ITV
Molly-Mae and Tommy are reunited on Love Island. PIC: ITV
Michael on Love Island. PIC: ITV
Anna and Jordan speak about her decision on Love Island. PIC: ITV
Amber and Michael on Love Island. PIC: ITV Studios

Sheena McGinley

Approximately an hour ago, the husband plopped himself down, clapped his hands together Wes style, and announced: "It's going to be a fire in a pet shop tonight, innit!" Four weeks in and he's as addicted (albeit reluctantly) as the rest of us. Can you believe we all lasted 24 hours?!

First and foremost, Amber has become the one to emulate in the Villa. A so-called "child" in her position would've stamped their foot, pointed the finger, roared, repeated the same three words for hours on end, and pretty much acted like Michael did after Caroline slo-moed herself wibbling out of the building.

Amber said she was "disappointed" and "confused" that Michael had opted to recouple. When you think about it though, it's not that confusing; his attitude started to turn after the "Online Buzz" challenge when one person tweeted he was "whipped." I may be wrong, but it's the only logical scenario.

Things came to a head tonight after Michael said "Everytime, I say something to you, you laugh in my face which I think is really disrespectful." Amber's answer? "It's not out of disrespect for anyone because I had loads of respect for you. Maybe it was wrong of me to just assume you understood the way that I was and I should have said 'look, I’m not being disrespectful, just laughing in these situations because it's a bit awkward or I don’t really know what to say'… I assumed you knew me a lot more than you did."

Amber more than proved her maturity, holding it together until chatting to Anna on the daybeds, revealing "He said ‘I knew you’d laugh.’ Do you want me to break down in front of everyone? His whole attitude and demeanor has totally changed and if that’s really him then I’m disappointed." One word – QUEEN!


Apologies, but it seems the only fitting term to portray just how Anna owned Michael (if, indeed, that is his name) when she confronted him, saying: "Who are you? You lead a girl on for four weeks saying ‘I like her so much, my head won’t be turned.’ You waited for another girl to come in to make it a thing, before we left it was fine.”

Clearly, when cornered, he felt unable to qualify any of his statements, so he reverted to type, repeatedly uttering "catty comments", "childish", "pathetic" and so on. Observe...


Being a paranoid cynic, this whole Amy and Curtis situation still bangs of production induction. They were quids in to win – until she started the unwarrented "thunder stealing" thing – so perhaps this entire "I fancy Jourdan" was the ONLY way to get viewers back on Amy's side... Then again, maybe Curtis is "an actor" as Amy aptly suggested. Or he was just fulfilling a certain stereotype because, well, bikinis.


• Anyone who says "Don't raise your voice to me" to someone who clearly isn't raising their voice possibly needs their head (including their hearing) checked. Amber categorically did not raise her voice. That's gaslightin' talk.

• Much like Ellie and Dani's enforced girl-date last year (Ellie from Casa Amor was Jack F's ex-girlfriend, in case you need the memory jogged), producers made Amber and Joanna go out together.

• Again, everyone needs a Maura to say "He doesn’t [love you] because he wouldn’t have done that if he did. That’s harsh and I’m sorry. Do you honestly think you deserve this?"

• Ovie saying "Why does Curtis need to be there?" during Anna and Michael's head to head. Welcome to The Villa, Ovie.


It's just not the same. Try as you might to twist it, it's just not a comparable scenario on a lot of levels.


Presumably, Amber and Joanna will speak at some point during their #storminateacup date, while Amy figures out that Curtis is "a lier."

  • Love Island continues on Virgin Media Two and ITV2.

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