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Lotto blooper 'not Brian Ormond's fault' - National Lottery


Brian Ormond on today's National Lottery programme.

Brian Ormond on today's National Lottery programme.

Brian Ormond on today's National Lottery programme.

Last night's shambolic live National Lottery broadcast on RTE One was 'not the fault of' presenter Brian Ormond.

Ormond introduced the show with a friendly, "Dia dhaoibh agus failte" but then fell completely silent, much to the bafflement of viewers.

According to a National Lottery spokesperson, the main Lotto draw had been activated too soon and Brian was told to stop.

"The Lotto draws usually start with the Lotto Plus 2 draw but the Lotto draw was inadvertently activated for the main draw as the first draw," explained a National Lottery spokesperson.

"The studio cameras are not set up to cover that so the line manager was asked to halt the broadcast in line with our procedures."

The main Lotto draw was then carried out off air with independent adjudicators KPMG verifying the results. 

When the show returned to RTE at 8.15pm, the Lotto Plus 1 and 2 draws were carried out live and the results for the main draw were announced.

Following some ribbing from viewers on Twitter, Brian tweeted, "No I didn't see a ghost on lotto tonight! When your told to stop ya gotta stop!  can't beat live tv!"

It's not the first time an RTE star has been caught on the hop.  In January last year, RTE newscaster Aengus Mac Grianna was caught on camera topping up his make-up and fixing his tie.

During the 'RTE News Now' bulletin, he was also captured dusting down his suit jacket seconds before reading the news.

On another occasion the highly experienced broadcaster struggled with a report on the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission and, like Brian on the Lotto, simply stopped during the live broadcast.


Fellow RTE news broadcaster Brian Dobson has also fallen foul of slips of the tongue.  During one report he read "atheist" instead of "anaesthetist" although correctly his mistake immediately.

On another occasion, the veteran RTE presenter took his seat on the Six One News after the programme went on air.

A technical problem meant he could not take his seat before the show started, leaving his co-presenter Sharon Ni Bheolain manning the desk.

The lighting issue meant that Dobson had to move from his usual position seconds before the show started and walk on once the broadcast had started.

However, Dobson was not ruffled as he calmly took his place and read his first line like a true pro.

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