Monday 23 October 2017

Long-time character left critical in dramatic aftermath of Fair City crash

The aftermath of the crash
The aftermath of the crash
The aftermath of the crash
The aftermath of the crash
The aftermath of the crash
Louise witnesses the accident from outside Vinos
Cas and Delores are outside the Hungry Pig when the accident happens
Dermot is concerned Deirdre is trying to snatch Ben
Deirdre pursues Ben and Dermot
Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

Fair City viewers were left on a knife edge last night after a dramatic car crash – and things look set to get even more tense in tonight’s episode.

Last night, viewers saw Dermot bundle Ben into the back of his car in an attempt to escape Deirdre, Ben’s birth mother.

However in his haste he forgot to put on Ben’s seatbelt.

In the struggle to get him to buckle up, he briefly takes his eyes off the road, leading the car to dramatically flip.

The aftermath of the crash
The aftermath of the crash

Tonight, worried residents of Carrigstown attempt to rescue Dermot and Ben, as sparks hiss from the vehicle.

Dermot has been knocked unconscious, and a worried Hughie doesn’t want to risk removing Ben from the car.

A distraught Jo arrives at the scene to be told that Ben’s condition is critical.

He has lost a lot of blood and has suspected internal bleeding.

The aftermath of the crash
The aftermath of the crash

Viewers will be left gripped as the child fights for life.

Actor Seamus Power, who plays Dermot, told that the storyline has been building since the couple adopted Ben a decade ago.

"It has been hanging over Jo and Dermot for a long time, and we always had an inkling it would come back again some day.

"It's all been glossed over for so long - even going back to the adoption there were some dodgy dealings there."

The aftermath of the crash
The aftermath of the crash

He added that Dermot had initially had sympathy for Deirdre, after his brother and her husband Ken died.

"Dermot had great sympathy for her plight, and he could understand why she wanted contact - all she had in the world was lost.

"Jo was more strident, she was against it. But from her point of view it was her position as mother that was being threatened."

He added that Ben brings an interesting third element to the storyline - as he has a voice too.

"Ben is almost ten years old now, he has an opinion and he wants to know his mother."

Seamus has played lovable Dermot for almost two decades, making him one of the show's most enduring and popular characters.

However despite his tenure on the show, it was his first time being involved in a big stunt scene.

"It was fascinating to be involved with it all and great fun to do. I did the driving of the car up until the point of impact, then I hopped out and the stunt man got in. I stayed back and watched how they put it all together. It was a massive team effort between the actors, the stunt team, make up - everyone."

"This is a very big thing for the show and they've been planning it for about 18 months, it's huge for them."

Fans have been speculating over the fate of the characters involved - however show bosses have managed to keep the script a closely guarded secret.

Fair City will air tonight at 8PM on RTE One.

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