Tuesday 12 November 2019

Late Late gets Saturday Night Show producer but Tubs says 'I don't need tricks from any other show'

Ryan Tubridy
Ryan Tubridy
Ray D'Arcy

Elaine McCahill

Larry Masterson is joining the Late Late Show from the now axed Saturday Night Show.

"We've a new producer starting soon - Larry Masterson. Cathy Fox is with child so that's the only reason she's leaving," revealed Ryan Tubridy.

However, Tubs says he doesn't want any "tricks" from Brendan O'Connor's light-entertainment chat show.

"No we won't be taking any tips from The Saturday Night Show - I don't need tricks from any other show. But I'll take advantage of Larry's vast experience," said Tubridy.

"He's been there for decades and it's a different style - every producer brings that, so we'll have a different style, which will be fun."

Larry Masterson previously worked as a producer on 'The Late Late Show'.

RTE's prodigal son Ray D'Arcy is set to start his new show in the autumn, and while Tubridy agreed that competition is a positive thing, he joked that he wouldn't like to see "too much'" rivalry.

"I welcome Ray. Obviously it's great and I know him down through the years," he said.

"I've always liked him and rated him highly. I was that soldier on Saturday nights. I hope he keeps it fun, because it's a fun slot.

"There's always been Saturday night and Friday night entertainment since I've been in this industry.

"There's a new guy at the wheel come autumn and I wish Ray well."

Saturday Night Show director Pat Cowap has moved to rival UTV Ireland to direct Pat Kenny's new show Pat Kenny In the Round which is filmed in the Round Room in the Mansion House.

Tubridy (41) is not perturbed by Pat's new show, which has already featured guests including astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield and Lulu, and Tubridy believes it's a completely different beast.

"Pat's is going to be different because it'll be recorded and edited and that's different to live TV. It's a different discipline," said Tubridy.

Although Tubridy has frequently served as "super-sub" at the BBC during the summer holidays, the RTE star revealed he has no plans to head across the Irish Sea this summer.

Last year, six million listeners tuned in when he covered for Simon Mayo on BBC Radio 2.

When asked if he has plans to venture over to the UK for a BBC stint any time soon, Tubridy said he didn't think so.

"I didn't do anything with them at Easter and I actually really enjoyed having that time off relaxing. I've got a taste for that, so no BBC decisions yet," he told the Herald.

Ray of hope - will Ray D'Arcy succeed with Saturday nights and should Ryan Tubridy be worried? 


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