Tuesday 23 April 2019

Kevin Spacey faces sexual harassment allegations from three new accusers

Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey

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Kevin Spacey is facing sexual harassment allegations from three new accusers - a teenage barman, a Mexican actor and an unnamed British journalist.

The House of Cards actor has been in the press since Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp came forward claiming Spacey had attempted to seduce him when he was just 14 years old.

The Oscar-winning star released a lengthy apology after Rapp went public with his story, and also used it to come out as gay - leading to significant criticism from those in the LGBTQ community.

Now three more men have come forward with their alleged experiences with the actor. Barman Daniel Beal, who worked at the Goodwood Park Hotel in West Sussex, England, told Britain's The Sun newspaper that Spacey sat next to him on a bench during a break from his work as the hotel barman and flashed his genitals, saying: "It’s big isn’t it?"

Beal then alleges that Spacey offered him a $6,600 (€5,600) watch after the incident in a bid to "keep him quiet". In addition, Beal claims Spacey would "touch his hand" each time he served him a drink, and he claims he also invited him to his hotel room to smoke marijuana.

It's not clear when the alleged incident at the hotel took place.

Beal's claims come after Mexican actor Rob Cavazos took to Facebook to share his own "Kevin Spacey story", claiming the actor had a pattern of setting up career discussions with young male actors only for them to find a champagne picnic waiting for them when they arrived.

The Facebook post has been translated from Spanish, and reads: "I myself had a couple of nasty encounters with Spacey that were on the verge of being called harassment. In fact, if I had been a woman, I probably wouldn't have hesitated to identify him as such, but I guess the lack of a more specifically direct or aggressive action led me to justify the incident as 'one of those things.' There are many of us who have a 'Kevin Spacey story.' "

Britain's Evening Standard newspaper also reports that a third man, an unnamed U.K. journalist, has also come forward with an allegation about Spacey, claiming that during the Edinburgh International Television Festival in 2013, he propositioned him in a toilet.

Spacey has not issued any statement in response to these allegations.

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