Sunday 22 September 2019

Kerri-Ann in the Fair City firing line as she shares forbidden kiss with Mondo

Melanie walks in on Mondo and Kerri-Ann
Melanie walks in on Mondo and Kerri-Ann

Sean O'Grady

Kerri-Ann finds herself in the firing line in tonight's Fair City as others start to suspect she may have notions for Mondo.

Old feelings have resurfaced for Kerri-Ann (Jenny Dixon) and Mondo (George McMahon) in recent weeks, and it hasn't gone unnoticed by Melanie (Nyree Yergainharsian), who has been dating Mondo.

She challenges Kerri-Ann on her suspicions, leaving her worried that she knows how they really feel about each other.

Things go from bad to worse when Kerri-Ann gives into temptation and kisses Mondo.

However, she's left deflated when he rejects her advances and tells her they can't be together because she's married to Decco (David O'Sullivan).

Decco has noticed something is off with his wife and starts to worry that he has done something to upset her since she won't open up to him.

Melanie walks in on Mondo and Kerri-Ann
Melanie walks in on Mondo and Kerri-Ann

Later, Kerri-Ann drops by the pub to thank Mondo for making her see sense and reminding her she's married.

Playing with fire, she leans in to give him a thank you kiss just as Melanie walks in and catches them together.

"Things a0re going really well with her. He finally seems to be settling down and he should be enjoying the relationship," said actor McMahon.

"But he just can't ignore that spark between him and Kerri-Ann and the possibility of what could be.

"She's telling him that he's the one for her, but he doesn't want to betray Decco or Melanie, so it's a tough one."

Teasing fans, the actor admitted he's "not so sure" Decco will be able to sweet talk his way out of Melanie's cross hairs in the coming episodes.

Elsewhere, things aren't getting much better between Carol (Aisling O'Neill) and Karen (Kate Gilmore).

She first thought Karen was trying to flirt with her husband Robbie, but Carol was left reeling when Karen told him she's his daughter.

Carol gives Karen a tough talking-to and puts her in her place, telling her to keep her distance until they have the DNA results back and it can be proved she is Robbie's daughter.

Robbie (Karl Shiels) is upset by the whole ordeal and takes it out on Carol.

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