Monday 19 August 2019

Kelly Macdonald: My version of Princess Margaret more fun than in The Crown

She plays the royal in Sky Arts’ comedy series Urban Myths.

The Scottish actress stars at Princess Margaret in the upcoming episode (Jane Barlow/PA)
The Scottish actress stars at Princess Margaret in the upcoming episode (Jane Barlow/PA)

By Emma Bowden, Press Association

Kelly Macdonald has said her portrayal of Princess Margaret is more fun than in Netflix’s The Crown.

The actress plays the royal in the third series of Sky Arts’ comedy Urban Myths, which tell fabled tales from the world of entertainment.

The episode is set to explore Princess Margaret’s relationship with veteran rock star Sir Mick Jagger, played by Twilight actor Jamie Campbell Bower.

Vanessa Kirby played the Queen’s sister in series one and two of The Crown, with Helena Bonham Carter taking over the role in the regal drama’s third season.

Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret in the upcoming series (Sophie Mutevelian/Netflix)

Macdonald told the Radio Times magazine: “I got prosthetics and everything!

“Lots of smoking and swearing and being drunk. And burping.

“Our version of her life is very fun. It’s not The Crown.”

The Trainspotting actress next appears in new BBC legal thriller The Victim, alongside John Hannah and James Harkness.

The four-part drama sees Macdonald play Anna Dean, whose nine-year-old son was murdered 15 years ago.

Craig Myers, played by Harkness, is the victim of an attack after he is accused of killing the child, but says he is innocent.

The show explores the mystery of whether he is the victim of mistaken identity, or the dangerous killer that Macdonald’s character believes he is.

Macdonald said of her character: “I liked the fact that she’s not wholly likeable. You think your sympathies should lie with her, but then she does things where you’re not necessarily behind her actions.

“She’s a woman on the verge of madness. It’s very psychological.”

Radio Times is out on Tuesday.

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