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John Cleese labels Piers Morgan 'awful creep' as he discusses Twitter spat


He revealed Stephen Fry had encouraged him to join the social media site.

John Cleese has revealed it was fellow comic Stephen Fry who encouraged him to join Twitter – and described Piers Morgan as an “awful creep”.

The Monty Python star, 77, is an avid user of the social media site on which he has taken part in spats with TV presenter Piers and launched attacks on US president Donald Trump.

Now boasting more than 5.5 million followers, John told the Radio Times that Stephen had encouraged him to sign up as a means of communicating with fans.

He said: “Stephen said to me: ‘You silly man, don’t you realise that if you have a Twitter following you don’t have to communicate with the public via the newspapers?’”

On Piers, who John once described as a “real third rater” in a barb on Twitter, he said: “I always thought he was an awful creep.

“I pretended that I hadn’t seen him in a restaurant but it didn’t work. He then asked me when I was going to be funny again.

“I just didn’t want to have an encounter with him and since then he’s been after me and I’ve been after him.”

The actor and comedian also spoke about his love for radio ahead of an upcoming BBC Radio 4 series entitled John Cleese Presents, which uses extracts from his autobiography.

He said: “I’m not doing it for the money. Before anyone accuses me of that, I’m doing it because I’ve always loved radio and for 400 years I’ve been saying it’s the best medium.

Thrice-divorced John added: “But it doesn’t pay very well, so if you’ve got involved in things like alimony, it’s not the first medium you’ll run to to solve your problems.”

This week’s Radio Times is out now.

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