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James Patrice the biggest loser on this year's Celebrity Operation Transformation with 19.5lb weight loss

The leaders collectively lost 75.5lb in weight over 4 weeks


Presenter James Patrice

Presenter James Patrice

Presenter James Patrice

THIS year's Celebrity Operation Transformation contestants have lost nearly a stone-and-a-half less than last year's.

Despite participating for a week longer this time around, the 2017 celebrities collectively shed 5st 5lbs - while in 2016, Gerald Kean and co lost a total of 6st 12lbs.

A spokesperson said the station was "very happy" with the show's audience figures, as the series pulled in an average of 282,600 viewers or a 24pc share.

"Operation Transformation consistently performs well on RTE One," she said.


‘Operation Transformation’ contestants Kayleigh Cullinan, Mary Byrne, Gary O’Hanlon, Triona McCarthy and James Patrice, and host Kathryn Thomas

‘Operation Transformation’ contestants Kayleigh Cullinan, Mary Byrne, Gary O’Hanlon, Triona McCarthy and James Patrice, and host Kathryn Thomas

‘Operation Transformation’ contestants Kayleigh Cullinan, Mary Byrne, Gary O’Hanlon, Triona McCarthy and James Patrice, and host Kathryn Thomas

"We'd like to congratulate Mary, James, Triona, Gary and Kayleigh on their weight loss to date and encourage them to keep the change."

Presenter James Patrice recorded the biggest weight loss of the entire group, dropping 1st 5.5lb, down from 17st 12.5lb.

In terms of bulk, the man from Malahide man lost a total of 20 inches, including six inches off his waistline, as he followed the vigorous exercise and healthy-eating regime.


Voice of Ireland winner Kayleigh Cullinan also managed to hit her targets ­during the show, dropping 1st 1.5lb, down to 19st 10lb.

The singer improved her overall fitness levels by 25pc, thanks to her efforts in the show.

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And celebrity chef Gary O'Hanlon was an impressive 1st 4lbs lighter over the course of four weeks.

Viewers watched as he kicked his serious sugar habit, picked up from years of working long hours in a kitchen, and going running with his other half Annette.

When Professor Niall Moyna retested his fitness levels, the Donegal dad-of-two was found to have average levels for his age.

He also lost four inches from his waistline, going down to 39 inches.

While Mary Byrne failed to hit her target for tonight's show, with no weight loss this week, she has shed 19 inches of fat and 11.5lbs during the course of the series.

Beauty journalist Triona McCarthy lost 11lbs - down to 11st 12lbs.

Presenter Kathryn Thomas said there had been many "highs and lows" over the past month for the five celebrities.

"Whether it was 'Knickergate' with Triona, James getting emotional at the weekly weigh-ins, Mary conquering her fear of heights, Gary kicking his Red Bull habit, but regularly forgetting his snacks, or Kayleigh in fits of giggles, trying tandem cycling with her sister ... The five of them were brave enough to invite us into their homes and their lives for the past month," she said.

"They are proof that when you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything,"

The public are now being invited to apply for the 11th series of the show, which airs in January.

People can apply to be leaders for the eleventh series online at rte.ie/ot or call the OT team on 01 8641444.



Last Weeks Weight: 17st 1.5lb / 108.8kg

Target: 1lb / 0.5kg

Current Weight: 17st 1.5lb / 108.8kg

Loss: 0lb / 0kg

Overall Weight Loss: 11.5lb / 5.2kg



Last Weeks Weight:  14st 4lb / 90.6kg

Target: 2lb / 0.9kg

Current Weight:13st 13.5lb / 88.6kg

Loss: 4.5lb / 2kg

Overall Weight Loss: 1st 4lb / 8.2kg



Last Weeks Weight: 12st 1.5lb / 76.9kg

Target: 1lb / 0.5kg

Current Weight: 11st 12.5lb / 75.6kg

Loss: 3lb / 1.3kg

Overall Weight Loss: 11lb / 5kg



Last Weeks Weight: 19st 12.5lb / 126.2kg

Target: 2lb / 0.9kg

Current Weight: 19st 10lb / 125kg

Loss: 2.5lb / 1.2kg

Overall Weight Loss: 1st 1.5lb / 7.2kg



Last Weeks Weight: 17st 12.5lb / 113.8kg

Target: 2lb / 0.9kg

Current Weight: 17st 9lb / 112.2kg

Loss: 3.5lb / 1.6kg

Overall Weight Loss: 1st 5.5lb / 8.8kg

To mark the Operation Transformation finale Pentathlon Ireland are putting on a free Laser Run taster event next Saturday for any OT viewers who would like to try the sport out. 

Next year Ireland will play host to the Laser-Run World Championship.  If you'd like to take part on September 30th in Swords Castle, Co. Dublin book your place at www.pentathlon.ie

The final episode airs on RTÉ One at 9:35pm tonight.

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