Friday 23 August 2019

Jade Martina Lynch faces boos from the crowd as she's evicted from Big Brother house

Jade Lynch is evicted
Jade Lynch is evicted
Marc O'Neill and Jade Martina Lynch as Marc arrived in the Big Brother house
Jade Martina Lynch
Jade-Martina Lynch arriving to enter the house during the launch of the latest series of the Channel 5 programme Big Brother Photo credit: Ian West/PA Wire
Jade Martin Lynch can't cope with balloons
Jade Martina Lynch
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Jade Martina Lynch has been evicted from the Big Brother house following Friday night's public vote.

The self-professed polyamorous Irish model was up against Harry Amelia Martin, Chloe Wilburn, and Cristian MJC but she garnered the most public votes and emerged to boos from the crowd.

"I knew I was going, I could feel it all day, it was my time," she told host Emma Willis.

"There are two main sides to me - the good Jade and the hard one, but as I was in there I was the soft Jade but those doors opened and I was hard.

"What I wasn't happy about was the reason they nominated me... I didn't appreciate Cristian piping up about sexual tension between us."

Of Nikki's reasons for nominating, she said, "Nikki is my ultimate BB housemate, I really like her still but it was the bed hopping thing which didn't happen at all."

Elaborating on the bed hopping, she said, "I can see what they were talking about - I'm a single girl, I'm flirty by nature.

"Nick is like my brother, there were a bit of crossed wires in the first week but I never kissed Nick or hugged him in a sexual way. It just wasn't there."

However, she described newly added bunker housemate and previous BB contestant Brian Belo as "beautiful" and added, "You start afresh from your soul when you go inside the house. It just felt right. I hope something will happen on the outside."

Fans are now hoping Aisleyn Horgan Wallace will be drafted in to the house to see sparks fly with former enemy Helen Wood.

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