Thursday 14 November 2019

‘It’s Pensioners Walk, not Bachelors Walk now’, says Don Wycherley

Keith McErlean, Simon Delaney, Don Wycherley in Bachelors Walk, RTE
Keith McErlean, Simon Delaney, Don Wycherley in Bachelors Walk, RTE

Jim Gallagher

Bachelors Walk star Don Wycherley says if they ever make another series of the popular TV comedy it will have to be called Pensioners Walk.

The 52-year-old actor said he would never rule out making a follow-up to the hugely popular RTE hit, which ran for three seasons from 2001 to 2003 and co-starred Simon Delaney and Keith McErlean.

However, he said the creators and directors, John Carney, Kieran Carney and Tom Hall, had gone on to very successful, busy careers.

“The last time I spoke to John he was so busy and has done so wonderfully well,” said Don.

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Don Wycherley. Pic:Marc O'Sullivan
Don Wycherley. Pic:Marc O'Sullivan

“The last thing we did together was Sing Street and they are turning that into a musical, so he’s always doing something.

“Bachelors Walk was wonderful and of its time. I don’t know about Simon and Keith but if the script was there…

“The way things work now, you could put it on the internet or something.

“Would I do it again? Maybe.

“But only if the lads who wrote it wanted to write it again, John and Kieran and Tom. But I would say it would be more Pensioners Walk these days. We will see.

“But I would be happy to work with those guys any time.

“I think Simon might be a bit too busy, he’s non-stop, he’s such a worker. He’s a grafter.”

Meanwhile, the popular actor is busy himself and has just been named in the cast for Martin McDonagh’s black comedy, The Lieutenant Of Inishmore, at the Gaiety Theatre in January.

He plays Donny, the father of a mad INLA terrorist who discovers his beloved cat has been killed while he’s away on a bombing campaign in Northern Ireland.

He returns home to the west promising revenge on whoever is responsible. And an unlucky youth Davy, played by The Young Offenders’ Alex Murphy, soon comes under suspicion.

“Donny is obviously not the greatest parent ever as his son is wild, has a short fuse and is prone to doing bad things at any time,” says Don.

“I’m looking forward to working with Alex as we do most of our stuff together.

“We get in a lot of scrapes and he kicks off the play by saying ‘I’ve done this,’ and I say, ‘Oh God, there’s going to be trouble.’

“We try to cover our tracks and hide the mess-ups and I try to help him initially but then I try to look out for myself. And it all comes to a head.

“It’s a raw and savage play but hilariously funny. There is no doubt about it, the language is caustic.

“Martin McDonagh was only 21 when he wrote it so I don’t know what was going on in his head,” he laughs.

“It’s at least ten years since I worked at the Gaiety and there is something special about the place. It’s a real theatrical, magical place.”Don is also currently working with Hollywood superstars Emily Blunt, John Hamm, Christopher Walken and Jamie Dornan on a film, Wild Mountain Thyme, being shot in the west of Ireland.

The A Quiet Place star Blunt and Fifty Shades Of Grey’s heartthrob Dornan play obstinate star-crossed lovers whose families are caught up in a feud over a hotly contested patch of land.

“Crossmolina in Co Mayo has put up big signs outside town saying, ‘Crossmolina Welcomes Hollywood,” said Don.

“Believe it or not I’m playing Emily Blunt’s dad and she is lovely, really nice.

“I play the father of her younger self, as obviously I’m too young to play Emily’s dad.”


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