Monday 19 February 2018

'It's not the type of sexism I would be worried about' - Niamh Horan defends Donald Trump's 'locker room talk'

Niamh Horan on RTE's Cutting Edge
Niamh Horan on RTE's Cutting Edge
Comedian Tommy Tiernan on RTE's Cutting Edge
Norah Casey weighs in to the Donald Trump debate on RTE's Cutting Edge

Sasha Brady

Things became heated between Cutting Edge panelists Niamh Horan and Norah Casey when the pair discussed Donald Trump and sexism.

Host Brendan O'Connor was joined by Sunday Independent journalist Niamh Horan, broadcaster Norah Casey and comedian Tommy Tiernan to discuss the burning topics of the week on his RTE show on Wednesday night.

The panelists debated everything from the obesity crisis, to bullying, Liverpool FC's current top-table standing in the English Premier League and, of course, Donald Trump's shock victory in the US election.

The debate became heated when Ms Horan defended Mr Trump's brand of sexism. She argued that the President-elect of the US respects women, despite what many people believe.

"Donald Trump is a bit of a dinosaur, he's said a lot of stupid things but that type of sexism - passing comment on a woman's ass as she walks by - is not the type of sexism that I would personally be worried about," Ms Horan said.

She explained that she's much more worried about a different type of sexism; one that is harder to define.

"The type of sexism that's troublesome is insidious, it's underlying, it's much harder to put your finger on," she said before offering some examples.

"If a guy is being mentored while you're being ignored... If [a man's] ideas are being given more weight while yours are being sidelined... If a promotion goes to him. It's the type that you can't name or put your finger on. That's the type of sexism that I worry about."

Comedian Tommy Tiernan on RTE's Cutting Edge
Comedian Tommy Tiernan on RTE's Cutting Edge

Ms Horan also pointed out that, despite Hillary Clinton's loss, another woman made history on Wednesday night - thanks to Mr Trump.

"A woman made history last night, she broke the glass ceiling, a woman named Kellyanne Conway. Most people in this room, or watching on TV, wouldn't know who she is. She led Trump's campaign. She's the first woman to lead a successful presidential campaign. We don't hear about it."

Ms Horan defended Mr Trump's much-criticised "locker room talk" from a leaked 2005 tape in which he made sexist remarks about women to NBC host Billy Bush.

"We hear a sound bite over and over again from 12 years ago where he made some comments with a friend that doesn't really matter. I mean Trump has a woman leading his campaign. He doesn't hate women," Ms Horan said.

However, fellow panelist Norah Casey disagreed with her remarks.

"I don't think this is even worth discussing. This man is a sexist pig," Ms Casey said.

"We can't look at Ms Conway and think that he loves all womankind. This is not a man who respects women and time and time again he's proven it.

Ms Casey added: "Apart from everything else, that is only one part of the irrational, egotistical, narcissistic behaviour of somebody who is now the head of one of the biggest superpowers in the world. I think it's frightening, personally, and I don't believe that the White House is going to change him.

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