Friday 24 January 2020

'It would be lovely if her and Jack would walk down the aisle but who knows' - Danny Dyer on his daughter's Love Island romance

Love Island’s Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer (ITV)
Love Island’s Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer (ITV)
Danny Dyer talks to Dani via video link (©ITV Plc).

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Danny Dyer is delighted his daughter has not had sex on 'Love Island'.

Although 22-year-old aspiring actress Dani Dyer quickly found love with stationery seller Jack Fincham on the show and has been sharing a bed with him in the villa, her father Danny is proud that they have refrained from having sex on TV.

He told the Sunday Mirror: "She has spun it on its head and she has not ****ed about under the quilts once.

"She is a role model for young kids. She doesn't need to do that.  She wears her heart on her sleeve. She has learnt the hard way with that. She hasn't really had many relationships.

"When she falls for someone she commits completely. Whether that is reciprocated is another matter."

And Danny even admitted he would be open to Dani tying the know with Jack, 26, although he would like to meet him first.

He said: "She could probably be the best wife anyone could ever want.

If she finds the right boy... she's got to find the right boy. It would be lovely if her and Jack would walk down the aisle but who knows, let's meet the f*****g geezer first. Dani is so sweet and lovely, honest and funny."

Danny and his wife Joanne Mas had Dani at 18 and although he acknowledges they have had some tough times, he says they are now happier than ever.

Danny, 41, said: "Me and Jo are going to be together for ever.

Abso-f*****g-lutely. Completely. We will probably renew our wedding vows. I want to see my Dani tie the knot first, whenever that will be.

"We've gone through a lot me and Jo. I take full responsibility for most of our ups-and-downs. Most of the downs, really.

"We've been together since we were 14 so we have spent our whole life together."

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