Sunday 22 September 2019

'It wasn't a gratuitous scene at all' - Aidan Turner on that sexy scything Poldark scene

Aidan Turner as Poldark
Aidan Turner as Poldark
Poldark star Aidan Turner gets the brush-off from a crew member in this behind-the-scenes shot from the BBC costume drama (BBC/PA)
Aidan Turner in Poldark
Oh boy: Aidan Turner has impressed both male and female viewers in the new BBC series of Poldark
Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark
Poldark - the offending burglar alarm can be spotted in the background
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Poldark star Aidan Turner has revealed he found the excitement over his sexy scything scene a bit odd.

Turner (32) appeared topless in the scene in the first series of the hit BBC period drama and caused quite a stir with viewers.

Not one Turner-based article (including this one) goes by without the image attached.

“But it’s kind of common to see that photograph when you open a paper now,” he told The Telegraph, revealing he has disconnected from the image.

Aiden Turner
Aiden Turner

“When the press stuff came out I was away. I wasn’t kind of keeping in touch with things. I was out of the loop a bit. But…

“Oh I don’t know. I don’t think about it much at all. It wasn’t a gratuitous scene at all. It was in keeping with the vibe of the show.”

Asked if he feels that some of the media's use of the shot has been gratuitous, he added, “Maybe. I mean, it doesn’t really bother me either way. I don’t feel violated.”

Although Turner's profile was on the rise thanks to his role in The Hobbit movies, it has gone stellar since he bagged the role of Poldark.

He's currently filming the second series and o Christmas Day he'll feature on the BBC's adaptation of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None.

The resulting attention is sometimes tough for the actor to deal with, particularly when he's being photographed by people when he's going about his daily business.

“It’s a bit rude. I don’t really like it. If you’re trying to do a sneaky one, then fair game. But it’s when they are right in your face with it. And when you say, 'Do you mind?’ or turn the other way, they feel shunned," he told The Telegraph.

"I will always pose if I’m asked, if it’s the right time and place, I don’t mind. It’s just when the phone comes out right away. And I have to be the bad guy and say, 'Do you mind not doing that?’ when someone’s got a phone in your face as you’re walking around the Tate. And then I feel s---, because these people are supporters of the show.”

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