Monday 14 October 2019

'It was evil and disgusting and unnecessary emotional distress' - 650 viewers complained about Sunday's Love Island

The complaints were made to Ofcom in the UK

Dani speaking in the Beach Hut after seeing the footage of Jack in the other villa on Love Island
Dani speaking in the Beach Hut after seeing the footage of Jack in the other villa on Love Island

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Ofcom received 650 complaints after Sunday night's episode of Love Island.

The episode is the ITV2 show's most complained about episode ever after 650 complaints were made about contestant Dani Dyer being shown a video of her boyfriend Jack Fincham reacting to the arrival of his ex in the villa.

An Ofcom spokeswoman told BANG Showbiz: "We are considering these complaints against our broadcasting rules, before deciding whether or not to investigate."

The original boys and girls were separated into different villas last week and Dani burst into tears after she was shown the video of Jack reacting to ex Ellie Jones's arrival in the second villa Casa Amor.

The footage simply showed Jack's 'Oh my God' reaction and did not imply he had done anything with Ellie.  However, the footage caused 21-year-old actress Dani to burst into tears as 26-year-old stationery salesman Jack is now her boyfriend.

In reality, Jack has been faithful to her and has even been sleeping outside to ensure he doesn't have to share a bed with another woman, and even told his fellow contestants that he loves her, but Dani was not shown this footage.

on seeing the video she burst into tears and said, "It always happens to me, as soon as I'm happy with someone, something happens to me, it's like I'm not allowed to be happy.

"Imagine it's some girl that he's been recently seeing, he clearly has feelings if he was seeing her and now she's in here."

Speaking in the beach hut to camera, she said: "Jack looked so shocked in the video, saying 'oh my god, oh my god' - alright mate, do you want to say 'oh my god' one more time?

"I just knew it was too good to be true."

Some viewers believe the producers have caused undue distress to Dani.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "Made an official complaint to ofcom about tonight’s episode of Love Island because mental health comes before entertainment thank you and goodnight".

Another posted: "Used to actually slag people off who complained about a tv programme but I actually reported love island tonight cause I genuinely thought it was evil and disgusting and unnecessary emotional distress caused for no reason when that isn't what's happening at all"

One Twitter user shared: "Very unpleasant viewing tonight Love Island , the emotional turmoil you are putting Dani through was unacceptable and clearly has left lots of people worried for her - I have reported to Ofcom really think you need to take your responsibilities much more seriously!"

While many people on social media felt the show had been unfair to upset Dani, other viewers defended Love Island as a 'game show' which is notorious for throwing up surprises for contestants.

Love Island continues on ITV2 and 3e at 9pm.

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