Saturday 24 August 2019

'It is like a Sunday night mortification ritual' - Al Porter on Blind Date's appeal

Host says TV3 would be mad not to make second season

Al Porter Blind Date
Al Porter Blind Date
Dustin the Turkey
Melanie Finn

Melanie Finn

Al Porter has said that TV3 bosses would be "mad" if they didn't bring Blind Date back for a second season.

The busy comedian is currently juggling his Today FM radio programme and the Sunday night dating show, and the funnyman reckons it is the "cheesy" element of Blind Date that people enjoy.

"I think we would be mad not to do another one. That's always depending on my schedule, but I know TV3 love it," Al told the Herald.

"Director of Programming Bill Malone and I are going for dinner next week and he loves it. An audience of over 200,000 a week is big figures.

Al Porter as Polly (centre) with Emma Bowden and Alannah Willoughby
Al Porter as Polly (centre) with Emma Bowden and Alannah Willoughby

"I think we can all agree that it is like a Sunday night mortification ritual. Everyone's scarlet for me and everyone else involved.

"It's the cheesy questions and the whole kitsch value that people like I think."

Al (24) also gave his opinion on entertainers, such as some of the Mrs Brown's Boys cast, using tax-avoidance schemes.

The Tallaght star said that he uses a Dublin-based accountant for all his affairs but wouldn't judge anyone on their own personal business.

Ryan Andrews
Ryan Andrews

"I pay a lot of tax and I'm happy to pay it, I don't have an issue with it," he said.

"I spoke about this before on Matt and Ivan's TV show, where I was talking about people on social welfare and how they shouldn't be shamed for that.

"By the same token, people who are earning money have to pay their taxes and, when you're doing well, you pay it back. That's always been my opinion.

"I don't really know anything about the Mrs Brown's Boys stuff, I just read the headlines and that was all."

Al will be going back to his theatrical roots shortly, with the Applegreen/Herald Christmas panto Polly And The Beanstalk, kicking off at the Olympia Theatre on December 15.

He has co-written the show with Karl Spain for the third year running.

Joining him on stage will be Fair City's Ryan Andrews, Dustin the Turkey and a cast of 100 talented children.

"It's the start of a very fun, silly time of year for us. It's like a family reunion for us all. It breaks all the rules and a panto is any stage manager's nightmare," Al said.

"We've got a giant cast of 100 children, sequins flying everywhere, water guns and live animals.

"I've always enjoyed being an entertainer in any form. I started off doing this kind of stuff with silly costumes, big wigs and silly, old-school gags. The thing I've been doing the longest is performing."


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