Friday 18 October 2019

Is the Late Late Show Toying with Little Mermaid theme?

Late Late Toy Show
Late Late Toy Show

Sean O'Grady

RYAN Tubridy is set to make a big splash with this Friday's Late Late Toy Show special.

The theme of the annual Yuletide programme is rumoured to be the Disney classic The Little Mermaid.

The gregarious presenter is set to take on the role of Sebastian the Crab and has been busy rehearsing over the past few weeks.

RTE is keeping the theme strictly under wraps until Friday night and when asked for a clue about this weekend's programme, Tubridy would only say that it was a "little different".

Late Late Toy Show
Late Late Toy Show

"It's going to be costume based. My opening number is one the likes of which I have never done before and it requires more wardrobe artistry," he said.

"It is a little odd and involves wearing a pair of very red trousers that I have to keep wearing in the opening part with the Christmas top so I'm hoping that it is all right on the night."

Tickets to see the programme usually go like hot cakes and this year has proved no exception.

RTE received a staggering 80,000 applications from viewers hoping to nab a spot in the 200-seat studio, with the show heralding the start of Christmas for viewers.

Ryan Tubridy
Ryan Tubridy

Meanwhile, Tubridy said that playing a song by his favourite group The Beatles while in his dressing room often helps to relax him before the live show, usually one of the most-watched programmes of the year.

"I do adore the Beatles but if you sang Yesterday, you would get the mood down so it would have to be something like She Loves You.

"I do sing to the Beatles every Friday night before the chat show when I'm in my dressing room getting my act together, only because the door is closed and no one can hear. Otherwise it would be painful for everybody."

He also told the RTE Guide how he was lucky enough to be able to eat as many calories as he liked over Christmas, without having to dread stepping on the weighing scales.

"I was born with what's called an amazing metabolism and what that means is I can eat whatever I want at Christmas and it won't make one bit of difference," he said.


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