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Irish actress Sarah Greene gearing up for 'hot, sexy, dark' Penny Dreadful shoot in Dublin

Irish actress Sarah Greene is moving from stage to the Hollywood screen but she said she loves filming in Dublin the best as all of the actors know each other.

The Cork native, who is currently dating Poldark star Aidan Turner, has returned to our shores to star in the new season of supernatural horror Penny Dreadful, which is filmed in various locations around Dublin.

"[Dublin] is so small and that's what I love about coming to work here, you walk into a room and you'll know the majority of the people, you'll have worked with someone at some point. I do like that familiarity," Greene explained.

Greene plays Hecate, the daughter of villainous Evelyn Poole and she can be seen bathing in human blood in the trailer for season two of the popular series.

"[Hecate] enjoys the hunt, she enjoys the stalking, the cat and mouse games, and she enjoys the kill," Greene says of her character.

"It's hard, because you have to understand these characters, and I had to give myself up to the fact that she knows no other world.

"It's a little bit like Stockholm Syndrome - she wants to please her mother.

"It's an exciting show to be part of. It's a really hot, sexy, dark, psychological horror show."

"The writing is really gorgeous, and the characters are really well thought out. We can relate to these monsters, which isn't always the case," she added.

The popular series also stars international stars Eva Greene and Josh Hartnett, whom she says are "so good at their jobs".

Her star will rise internationally this year when she appears in John Wells's new film, Adam Jones.

The film, which is about a chef who assembles a team to create the best restaurant in the world, has an all-star cast including Bradley Cooper, Emma Thompson, Sienna Miller, Alicia Vikander, Jamie Dornan and Lily James.

Naturally, when working with some of Hollywood's biggest stars, the 29-year-old just had to grab a few selfies.

"[I've taken selfies with] Kevin Bacon. Daniel Radcliffe too. And Bradley Cooper, we did a few selfies on his phone one day," she revealed in an interview with the Daily Edge.