Saturday 19 January 2019

'Inner-city girls have a bit of class about them' - Blind Date's Dean looking to meet 'a cracker, in good shape with a good bit of banter' tonight

Dean Moran Blind Date
Dean Moran Blind Date
Sean O'Grady

Sean O'Grady

Blind Date contestant Dean Moran went on the show in the hopes of finding an inner-city girl.

The 23-year-old pipe fitter, from Clondalkin, is one of three men on Sunday's programme vying for the attentions of marketing advisor Deimante Zvaliauskatie (22), from Lithuania.

"I was hoping to meet a cracker, in good shape with a good bit of banter," Dean said.

"To be honest, I wanted a Dublin inner-city girl, they have a bit of class."

Dean applied for the show after a friend dared him. "Me and my friend were in the house one day and he kind of dared me to do it, so I went for it," he said.

He had a case of stage fright when the cameras started rolling, before host Al Porter helped to put him at ease.

"It was unbelievable, Al Porter was outrageous. It was a bit rough getting used to people looking at you," he told the Herald.

"I was nervous at the start walking out, but as soon as Al started talking to me I got more comfortable in the situation.

"The other boys were sound as well. I would tell everyone to go for it."

The Dubliner said he "wasn't doing too bad" on the dating scene before deciding to enter.

"I wouldn't be a complete ladies' man," he said.

"I'm not the worst but I'm not the best either."

Dean will be joined by butcher Aaron Donoghue (22), who lives in Galway, and describes himself as a hopeless romantic who likes older women. Kieron Coombes (25), of Tallaght, hasn't been on many dates lately after coming out of a nine-year relationship.

Robert Murphy (27), from Cork, will be the second singleton to be choosing a date from behind a screen under the TV spotlight.

He will have to pick from journalist Louise Murray (29), from Belfast, fitness fanatic Jane O'Regan (23), of Cork, or personal trainer Siobhan Fitzpatrick (26), from Limerick.

Also on the show will be comedian Fabu D and horse trainer Dawn Maire Leadon to tell viewers how they got along on their date to Lisbon after meeting on last week's episode.


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